Destiny running on the PS Vita via remote play(videos)

Destiny the upcoming first person shooter from Bungie(the makers of Halo) is coming to PS3 and PS4 on September 9th.This weekend the alpha version of the game was available for PlayStation users and having played the game on the PSVita via remote play i have to say that Destiny runs great on the handheld's screen.It is one of the best experiences for the remote play feature.

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Neonridr2220d ago

I played it on my Vita as well. Ran fine. Vita isn't the most ideal setup for shooters only because everything is a little cramped together, but it serves its purpose. meleeing and throwing grenades are a little complicated as they are on the corners of the touch screen..

Abash2219d ago

It plays awesomely on the PS Vita, I even spent a few hours this weekend playing Destiny through Remote Play. The controls are surprisingly comfortable, it's a great feature play option especially when I want to get in a few sessions before bed

Toon_Link2219d ago

I was using remote play while hanging out at my parents over the internet. AS long as I sat in the same room as the router it played pretty damn well.

Kudos to bungie for making some solid remote play controls.

kingtroy2219d ago

I enjoy remote play as well great feature now we need some support for the vita as well.

Jeff2572219d ago

I played it via remote play as well and I must say it was some of the best remote play controls I have seen so far. I liked that the R1 and L1 was moved to the Right and Left sides of the touchpad leaving the middle for the main touchpad. Also Sprint was down on the d-pad and all it required was a quick tap while moving forward. I can definitely see myself playing the full game via remote play from time to time but I will definitely prefer it at home on my PS4 and bigscreen tv.

prodg522219d ago

Thanks for the comment. I couldn't figure out how to sprint.

Sevir2219d ago

Didn't try it. But it's nice to know it runs well on the Vita. The game is so polished in the Alpha build I'm excited for it to hit beta already

MasterCornholio2219d ago

Glad to hear that they won't screw up the online in this game.

-glares at Dice-