Only on PlayStation Sale Starts Tomorrow

Bby Chieh Chen: "Hi everyone! I know last week was a huge week for PlayStation and that there is no way that this week can match the excitement of E3, but we are going to try anyway. Starting tomorrow, we’re discounting some fantastic Worldwide Studios titles as part of our Only on PlayStation Sale. The lineup of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games will be on sale through June 23rd"

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Ultr1584d ago

Hmm flower for me then! As I already have everything else.
But there are some really great games on sale like Shadow of the colossus and Ico!
Very unique experiences!

xHeavYx1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I get 2 $5 vouchers for having gone to a theater to see Sony's E3 ,so it will be Flower and Twisted Metal for me

FanboyKilla1584d ago

Man oh man how that list of games suck. Ill say it for you. 2 Ps4 games that are not actually ps4 games, ports. Id imagine when ps now comes they will be giving even less. Why put stuff on sale no one wants anyway. Sales gimmick you think its a deal but remember 2 min before you saw the sale you didnt give a fuc* about anything on the list. Imo. We next gen adopters are getting horse shi*. Wait less than that, at least you can use horse shi* to grow roses.

HakatoX1584d ago

@Fanboylogic.... Or whatever yer name is.....

Cry much?
Learn to English....

mp12891584d ago

Twisted Metal for $5!

Army_of_Darkness1584d ago

That's it?? Kinda lame for me considering I already have 80% of those games already..

The_Sneauxman1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Heavy... did you get the vouchers yet? I haven't received any yet

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Adityac1584d ago ShowReplies(4)
WeAreLegion1584d ago

Finally buying Twisted Metal. :) And probably going to get A Crack in Time/Tools of Destruction because I sold them after getting the platinums. I miss them.

ColeMacGrath1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

TM is so dark but fun, loved everything about it, just bring some ice for the last stage because it's very challenging, and multiplayer is kinda dead.

WeAreLegion1584d ago

Thanks for the tip! I did play it when it came out. I worked at a used game retailer, so I got to check out pretty much anything. Lol. I loved it, but never bought it.

Deadpoolio1584d ago

There were no trophies for tools of destruction....BUT it's about damn time they offer it and Crack in time digitally since they are the only 2 ratchet games that have never been available digitally

ziggurcat1584d ago

i don't believe tools had a trophy list... unless they patched it in?

Evil-Gouki1584d ago

Maybe time to reduce the launch titles on PS4, how can digital flourish when it's £30 less for a hard copy?

BattleReach1584d ago

Shadow Fall is currently €34,99 in the Dutch PS4 store, I think it's worldwide. That's pretty cheap.

Evil-Gouki1584d ago

Exactly! It's £15 from CEX, that's a £20 saving for the hard copy, ie my point.

Clown_Syndr0me1584d ago

It wad £12 in CEX for ages.
I find it astonishing that old games and new games are so expensive digital and people still buy them. Brand new at launch digital games are £10-20 more expensive.
Give it a couple of months physical copies are a tenner second hand yet digital copies don't change in price except for the odd sale. Oh and by the way Sony, I don't consider £40 for ACBF or BF4 a good sale at all.

Tru_Blu1584d ago

That is a pet peeve of mine. I'm in the US and new games at launch are $60 physical or digital. 3-6 months later though the physical copies are around $30 new yet the digital copy stays at $60 for ages and when it does get reduced it's to $40.

Monkeycan81584d ago

Oh thank god I bought Playstation allstars yesterday for $20....... -_-

GrimbleGromble1584d ago

Go online and talk to a rep, there is a period that you can get reimbursed. I think it is either a week and a half or two weeks.

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