Destiny On PS4 Looks Gorgeous, 1080p Screenshots Show Intricate Details And Open World

GB: "We have some beautiful screenshots from the recently concluded Alpha build of Destiny."

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XiNarutoUzumaki2218d ago

Everything looks gorgeous on PS4

die_fiend2218d ago

Injustice certainly doesn't. But yeah, otherwise pretty much everything.

I hear Xbots say 'graphics aren't everything - gameplay is important too!'

These people fail to realise that having better graphics doesn't degrade the gameplay...

ravinash2218d ago

Was that necessary?

We haven’t even seen what the Xbox one version looks like.

S2Killinit2218d ago

Its true it wasnt necessary. And we havent seen xbone version but it certainly wont look as good as PS4, thats pretty much a given.

die_fiend2218d ago

Yes it was. I know we haven't seen what the Xbone one looks like yet, but *SPOILER ALERT* it's inferior.

georgeenoob2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )


Xbox One version is 1080p 30fps as well just like PS4, so what are you going on about?

BigShotSmoov0072218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Ummm yeah the last thing I heard about the X1 version is it's going to be 1080p 30fps just like the PS4 version so I guess it is the inferior version huh? Oh wait, the PS4 version is 1080p 30fps also!!!

2218d ago

The cut scenes look bad on injustice. ..everything else looks great.

die_fiend2218d ago


Lol 1080p 30 fps for both doesn't mean they both look the same. How amusing! UFC runs at the same framerate and resolution on both consoles, and guess what? The Xbone version looks absolute PAP compared. Go on Digital Foundry and find out yourselves. The problem with simpleton Xbots is they don't realise that the resolution and framerate are only 2 elements of the presentation.

If you think that Destiny will look as good on Xbone as PS4 then you're an idiot...I know you probably feel silly spend £100 on a defunct camera but that's your own fault. At leaast people in the future can pick one up for the same price as a PS4...wait a minute, why would anyone want a weaker console for the same price?

ziggurcat2218d ago

@ georgeenoob:

this isn't about the xbox version, so why are you bringing it up?

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ZombieKiller2218d ago

Playing the Alpha now. Its really fun and i never got into Halo. I can see now why people love Halo though because this game is addicting. Bungie sure knows how to make games. I wish more shooters would impliment open world activities like Base raids and co-op experiences. I thought Far Cry 3 could have used a 2nd player. They read my mind in 4. I was thinking that Destiny was just another game, another good game, but just another game. I was way wrong, this game is awesome so far and thanks to the Alpha, I will definitely be picking this one up on day 1.
We need more co-op games like this in general. I feel like with the network we have today, alot more, if not most games should use the feature. I would love to see it implimented in alot more and Bungie DEFINITELY has the right idea

FITgamer2218d ago

This game looks pretty average as far as visuals go. Still for life of me can't understand why it's not 60fps.

Arkardo2217d ago

You got to be kidding, pretty visuals and open world? Is not enough for you?

FITgamer2217d ago

I'm excited to play it, i pre-ordered it months ago, and it's one of most anticipated games. It's not bad, but it's also not that impressive as far as visuals are concerned.

BigShotSmoov0072218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )


It's funny that you bring up the UFC demo cause I looked up your source to back your point up. Here's a direct quote from D.F. in regards to UFC, "So, while PS4 has a distinct advantage in terms of image quality, it is the Xbox One version of the game that has the slightest of performance advantages. Once the fight begins, however, they both put up similar statistics and the PS4 issues - as small as they are - will hopefully be corrected for launch" So really for a slight difference where one may do something a little bit more than the other, no really big difference between two games running at the same resolution. So your point of your argument was????? Oh yeah I see you can't say anything else cause your out of bubbles cause your too much of a fanboy, my bad.

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chrissx2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Gorgeous indeed. The Ps4 is a beautiful monster

SpinalRemains1382218d ago

But my rig is super duper 100x better. PS4 is just a mid range unit, guys.

I just wanted to see what it felt like to be a douche.

dodgemoose2218d ago

Having seen no footage prior to playing the Alpha, it did take me by surprise how good this game looks.

Jdoki2218d ago

Yeah, I have kept away from as much Destiny info as possible.

So the graphics were a nice surprise. The game play was awesome too - I can feel the Halo influence, but it is different.

ravinash2218d ago

Looking good. I hope the game play works out.
Wish I had the time to invest in such games.

MasterCornholio2218d ago

I'm really looking forward to this.

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