Every Street United Episode 1 – Who’s got the skills?

Every Street United is the inaugural title of Xbox Originals, the new kind of entertainment experience available only on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other Microsoft devices. Is it any good?

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neil3631586d ago

I started it with as many positive thoughts as I could. Just didn't deliver though and the interactive bits and pieces were severely lacking.

incendy351586d ago

I enjoyed the character videos more than the first episode, but they do all go together in one package. I am really enjoying it so far. As long as that South Korean dude loses haha. Very smooth app too! Both the Brazilian player and the dude with the fro are awesome.

HugoDrax1579d ago

NABIL is the guy with the FRO hahaha. He's very skilled! I just finished watching Episode 2, the guy Jordan Mariana from Argentina and Jose Perez from USA are skilled as well. I'm enjoying this original series, and can't wait to see what other xbox original content brings to the table.