E3 2014: In Dreadnought, Bigger is Definitely Better

You're the developer of Spec Ops: The Line, a third-person shooter with a subversive story that depicts one soldier's descent into madness. What do you create next? Well, a multiplayer space combat game, of course!

Developer Yager is known for making statements, but while Spec Ops: The Lines' statement was thematically powerful, Dreadnought appears to have a simpler goal. In the words of game director Peter Holzapfel, regarding the game's first trailer, "We wanted to make a statement that we are a game about big spaceships, not small spaceships, and we did that I think." Indeed, Yager did exactly that with the amusing trailer, though its inspirations for Dreadnought came from the serious side of science fiction. Says Holzapfel, "The idea came from… there's a lot of very well-loved and known movie references and TV show references, like Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Han Solo and so forth. But there's not that many games about big spaceships. And we wanted to turn into all those into a game that makes them quickly accessible."

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