Playstation TV – What it is and why you should be excited

PSGamer writes: During Sony’s E3 2014 presentation, Sony dropped one particular bomb shell that received only muted applause – Playstation TV will be coming to the West. There were than a few murmurings of “What is Playstation TV?”, an expectable question during a muddled and confusing 15 minuets of the presentation. Not to be confused with Playstation Now and the arrival of the service on Sony Bravia TV’s, Playstation TV is described as “Sony’s smallest console to date” and is definitely worth getting excited about.

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Bennibop2211d ago

I have a Vita TV and PS4, I use it all the time so I can remote play on another screen while my girlfriend watches main TV.

G20WLY2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

This is what I want it for. That and to make evenings working away better - plug it in to hotel TV and BOOOM it's PS4 time! :o)

If link is not working, try this one:

S2Killinit2211d ago

Yeah i cant remember how many times ive wished i had a console with me when i go to a friend's or to a hotel room and wish i could play a quick game

Jdoki2211d ago


What's the quality like when streaming PS4 to a second screen? I read in the tech specs that the device outputs 720p/1080i

How sensitive is it to your wifi connection?

Also, have you tried using it to stream from outside of your network, as the article describes?

I'm very interested in this device.

Darrius Cole2211d ago

It should also be able to be used to create 2 full screens for off-line co-op games that would otherwise use a split screen.

Bennibop2211d ago

@ Jdoki, Whilst at home it displays at either 720p or 1080i (which is fine as using a 32" screen.) Quality is excellent even though router is some distance away from Vita TV. Latency is also very low.

I have also streamed from outside my home both UK and abroad. Also loaned it to Nephew so he could play on my PS4 when I was away with work. Both performed really well. I definitely recommend purchasing one when they release just hoping the open Vita TV to use EU accounts as I have to use a Jap one at the moment.

Jdoki2210d ago

Thanks for the info.


demonJAKAL2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

Are you using it with a Japanese account? I got one and can't use with UK account but happy to know it will be releasing in the near future

NVM I see you already stated

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jillSandwich2211d ago

Sorry. Link was correct but after approval, Link seems to have changed to Homepage.

This is the correct link.

Godmars2902211d ago

How about fixing the actual, main, link? You can do that you know.

And it can still be reported. Which it has.

jillSandwich2211d ago

I have tried but I can only add an Update or change the relationships. Getting weird buggy missing panels in the Edit screen.

incendy352211d ago

You guys do know this requires internet and does not play discs, right? Oh the irony.

Not to mention their app selection is brutal compared to AppleTV and FireTV. This is a huge flop waiting to happen.

Antnee5342211d ago

Brown it disentangle require Internet to use the system and I can put vita cards in it and play some naively

Darrius Cole2211d ago

Do you know that it costs $99US, and plays PS1, PSP, and Vita games, so the app selection is quite large with high quality games?

kingPoS2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

Wait a minute! since when does the vita hardware use discs? It uses memory cards & game carts. It's a bridge between PS games first, video apps come after. It's why Sony debuted it with gameplay, hence the name PlayStation TV.

Would you have rather it be called 'TV PlayStation'

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