Gaming Fail: Wii Car Power

As part of Paul's Gaming Fail series He's touched on a great many terrible things from the world of video games. I’ve covered games that’re designed to be ‘played’ as little as possible; He's covered accessories that don’t actually work and he's covered a peripheral that you operate by the use of your eyebrows. What he hasn't covered thus far, however, is something quite as down-right baffling and wrong as today’s offering:

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GamingSinceThe80s1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Well,seeing a lot of people have tv screens in their cars this seem's like a useful product for long road trip's.To keep the kid's busy and such.It's not for the Upon reading this story the whole thing seems to be a very long joke to say imagine kids play wii sports in the backseat while your trying to drive as the punch line.I have seen the wii u used portably before because with it you don't even need a screen because of the game pad.

3-4-51582d ago

uhh What is this?

Is this even relevant ?

FaultyPixel1582d ago

The wii u yes. The wii? Really??