Ouya claims 1000 Developers sign up every month

SegmentNext - "Ouya now boasts 36,000 developers. Oddly enough, that translates to 825 games currently on the platform, but it may indicate rapid growth later on."

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Neonridr2217d ago

And 2000 developers abandon their projects each month.

XiSasukeUchiha2217d ago

380000 developers that's impressed.

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harrisk9542217d ago

Seriously? You didn't realize he was joking? Does everyone on N4G need to put a ;-) or a /s for people to get that there is a joke or sarcastic comment being made?

Neonridr2217d ago

lol, I know it's not true it was just a joke.

There seems to be a lot of developers on board, but the platform doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

SilentNegotiator2216d ago

Not true...

lol, but seriously, I doubt a large percentage of those are serious developers who will release anything, let alone anything worthwhile. It's a great little device to fiddle and learn with, but not a large userbase system to sell games on.

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pwnsause_returns2217d ago

not to sound like a douche..but...This thing is DOA for a while already...As soon as Sony and MS opened up to indies, this thing became a brick... I mean for an indie developer, why bring your project to a system that has no rep compared to a couple of companies that have been known to be in the console market for years? you have more public exposure by releasing on there instead of the ouya.

barb_wire2217d ago

My local Target pushes the Ouya like crazy, they have 6 units and all the accessories and they've been sitting there on the shelf for months.

I did ask the manager in the electronics dept, how many units they've sold.. he told me, none, ever since they got them and even a few times where they priced the unit at $60, no one has bought one.

aerisbueller2217d ago

Awww. That's kinda sad.

"Why doesn't anyone want us?"

Father__Merrin2217d ago

10k users a month claim ouya controller is by far the worst ever made, buttons are made out of feces and dpad is made out of sanitry towel scrapings

DarkLord10032217d ago

That sounds about right... oh wait - it doesn't

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The story is too old to be commented.