After E3, Where Now For Nintendo?

Robin examines the Nintendo Digital Media Event 2014, and discusses where the company can go to improve their prospects now.

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randomass1711584d ago

Bringin' out the games. I have my Wii U now Nintendo. Gimme more awesome stuff to play. :D

wonderfulmonkeyman1584d ago

Where now?
The yellow brick road on Mario Maker, of course!XD

In all seriousness, there's quite a few really good games coming both this year and next just from Nintendo alone.
If I take into account the really nice indie titles that will also be joining them [DON'T FORGET PEOPLE; SHOVEL KNIGHT THIS MONTH!], alongside the few exclusives they're snagging, I'm going to be swamped with quality software.

What Nintendo needs to do themselves is to just keep improving on their advertisement efforts.
The more press their big name games get, the better they'll help the Wii U sell.

bobacdigital1584d ago

If mario maker is robust and levels can be shared easily thru miiverse it will be wildly successful.

MrNameless1583d ago

I was a little confused on one thing - does Mario Maker allow levels to be played only in Mario Maker or can they be downloaded to NSMBU and Super Luigi U? It seems to use the same engine and it would be a smart idea.

bobacdigital1583d ago

Everything is within mario maker it doesnt need to load any other software I believe. It is a stand alone game.