Microsoft's confusing Xbox One cloud message shifts to dedicated servers

Microsoft's E3 2014 press conference was notable for its focus on games, but one Xbox One feature, touted when the console was revealed last year as one of its unique selling points, was conspicuous by its absence.

There was not one mention of "the cloud" during Microsoft's 90 minute presentation, either from Xbox boss Phil Spencer or the many developers that took to the stage to talk about their games.

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Ballsack1682d ago

It's just all buzzwords to make up for the fact ms rushed an interior console to market.. The Xbox one is a good machine, it's just not as powerful as the ps4 an this has given ms a inferiority complex.

We all know dx12 is primarily going to help PCs and we all know despite what ms said in an interview cloud will not quadruple the Xbox ones power

The sooner ms stop with all the buzzwords hyping up the delusional fan boys and just get down to gaming the quicker their reputation will be repaired, they should have learnt by all their reversals that gamers are not idiots an the only people they are fooling are the hardened Xbox fan boys.

Septic1682d ago

"We all know dx12 is primarily going to help PCs and we all know despite what ms said in an interview cloud will not quadruple the Xbox ones power"

Forget quadrupling the power, are you saying DX12 won't help the Xbox One at all? If so, explain why.

Also, with regard to the cloud. Crackdown 3 is touted to use the cloud to carry out destruction. Now we haven't seen it but tell me, IF it works, would that mean its just a buzzword?

Forget hardened Xbox fanboys, a lot of other fanboys are being quick to dismiss it too.

Chances are,

* DX12 will HELP the X1
* MS have something in store with cloud tech. Its not a mythical piece of tech. Just wait and see with Crackdown 3.

Why jump the gun?

jackanderson19851682d ago

the rumored tech demo from the build developer conference is to be implemented in crackdown and that's effectively the "cloud"

MysticStrummer1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

"are you saying DX12 won't help the Xbox One at all?"

No, he said it's primarily going to help PCs.

Edit - lol @ disagree… Here's the conversation…

Ballsack - "We all know dx12 is primarily going to help PCs"

Septic - "are you saying DX12 won't help the Xbox One at all?"

Me - "No, he said it's primarily going to help PCs."

*disagree pressed*

Ahhh N4G… Always worth a laugh or three.

Volkama1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

The cloud cannot offer anything that can't be achieved with dedicated servers. The benefits beyond that are supplier-side, in cost and planning.

And anyone that thinks that is a bad thing frankly doesn't understand the topic at hand. Dedicated servers can host AI, physics, persistent worlds and basically all the things MS have been aluding to when they talked about "the cloud".

1682d ago
Septic1682d ago


""are you saying DX12 won't help the Xbox One at all?"

No, he said it's primarily going to help PCs. "

Yeah I know what he said. If you actually read my comment properly, I'm posing another question:

"FORGET QUADRUPLING THE POWER, are you saying DX12 won't help the Xbox One at all? If so, explain why. "

I don't see what's so funny here.

nicksetzer11682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

It didn't shift at all .... they showed a physics based demo at BUILD, star tracking at e3 2013, and have a cpu based deno coming soon (as per phil spencer) .... as for not talking about it at E3, phil and sadya said they are done talking about it and will just show it, as fanboys constantly call it a lie.
This article is a joke

Volkama1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Aviaflyer, cloud is a term that gets over-used by silly marketing morons, but it does actually have a technical basis that separates the concept from a dedicated server farm.

Microsoft are guilty of using the word in the tech way and the hipster way interchangably, but it is not just the brandname for their dedicated servers.

georgeenoob1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Crackdown 3 will benefit from this cloud with destructible buildings, as proven from a recent tech demo. How can you be in such a state of denial when games like Sunset Overdrive with 8 player co-op and upcoming games like Crackdown are confirmed to be benefiting from cloud computing?

805Junior8051682d ago

TrueFan1 second account. Or truefan1 is georgenoob second account, hmmm..

rdgneoz31682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@Septic DX12 is suppose to primarily help PCs. Xbone help will most likely come from easier ports from the PC.

With DX12, they keep saying "console-like API". It's helping PCs get "closer to the metal" which is what they are already doing on consoles.

Here's a nice quote:

"Turn 10 tried to port Forza 5 to DirectX 11, but found massive CPU overhead created a lot of stuttering. The DirectX 12 demo we saw, on the other hand, ran at a smooth framerate primarily because many of its new features—such as bundling resources—were drawn directly from Microsoft’s Xbox One tools."

Notice the last part, "drawn directly from Microsoft’s Xbox One tools". Something that xbone already has...

Evilsnuggle1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

[email protected]

Why jump the Gun ?

Here is why Microsoft is not to be trusted. I'm done with Microsoft they are a bunch of snake oil salesmen .
Why jump the Gun ? How about Microsoft telling its customer that " DA CLOAD" would make xbone three x more powerful . OR how could anyone forget Microsoft claims of TITIANFALL advance "DA CLOAD" A.I that could not be done on any other platform with out the power of " DA CLOAD".. What you really got were dumb as a rock bots that run around in a circle wait to be shoot and more P.R spin
No thank fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Microsoft got you boys fooled . Look at TITIANFALL as a example the game is ugly and last gen graphic and brainless A.I Microsoft is sold the xbone fanboys a pipe dream with TITIANFALL .

Why do you thing that Microsoft is putting "DA CLOUD" in TITIANFALL a game that doesn't really need it . Because the Microsoft knows that " DA CLOUD " is really DRM 2.0 that is why. This is just Microsoft reinstating DRM always Online in the form of "DA CLOAD". All of Microsoft games will be powered by " DA CLOAD" or DRM 2.0 you just went back to always online.

MysticStrummer1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@Septic - "Primarily helping PC" means it will help XB1 to some extent, so your question "are you saying DX12 won't help the Xbox One at all?" still makes no sense.

Nowhere in his comment did Ballsack imply XB1 would get no benefit from DX12, so most of your reply to him came off as overly defensive. He didn't say that so there's no reason for him to answer your question.

@rdgneoz3 - Exactly right.

Chevalier1682d ago

So just a question. If you live in a rural area without highspeed internet do you get a crappy prerendered version since you can't cloud compute? What happens if your internet goes down? You get a crappier version of the game?

Septic1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )


I was ASKING him a question. His sweeping statement implied that DX12 wasn't going to help the X1 hence why I posed the question about whether or not he thought DX12 would help the X1 at all.

It was framed as a question. I don't understand why you're struggling to understand that. Read the rest of his comment and you'll know why I posed that question too. Its not rocket science mate. You're just being difficult for the sake of it.


Look at this info that is part of a tech presentation on DX12:

Dx 12 for XBox:
-1/3 CPU consumption for rendering submission in one game
-100s of thousands of DrawBundle executions are possible per 60fps frame "

(its slide 31)
What should I make of this?

Whilst people are quick to spam the agree button with 'ballsack' and his generic dismissive copy and paste MS-skepticism comment, why shouldn't we take the word of industry professionals over sofa experts?

I'm not pretending to understand that tech stuff behind it, but I'd rather listen to industry pros than some random chap on the forum making sweeping statements.

darthv721682d ago

So Ms gets made fun of for calling dedicated servers the "cloud" and they get made fun of it again for calling them dedicated servers.

Make up your mind people. Cloud is an easier to understand moniker for those who arent tech savvy. We all know what the "cloud" is so lets all stop bitching about how its used.

DemonChicken1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

The cloud, chances are it will help CD, but it is going to be temporary. As with all dedicated servers it's not going to last forever so when you go back to the game when they close those server, expect it to not look so good. Considering the fact that Microsoft are offering these servers for free -

It would tend not to last as long depending on how popular and the replay value which will be higher on MP type games or MMO sub type to keep costs down, i.e. you will be shafted if SP.

This is why I don't like this cloud idea from Microsoft. Temp bump and it's like the game is renting for better gfx. You can imagine the implications in the long term.

So Mr G noob I will love to see your take or reaction if they offload everything onto the cloud to make CD run like a PC game but then shut down the servers in the next year =D

Ju1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

DX12 won't really give you anything which you can't do (with direct programming - unfortunately, on the one you can't bypass DX). Believing that Dx12 all of a sudden will make the XO on par with the PS4 is a pipe dream. It makes programming more comfi, but not really faster. Well, or in other word, why fix what ain't broken? Guess that one platform ain't it, right? It will give the one another 1% performance boost (of an already slow machine).

D-riders1682d ago

Delusional fanboy. Like he said if do 12th was going to quad the Xbox 1 power why even have to console and just use the cloud. It's not gonna happen and he's also right about s2 working better with pcs. Fanboy please stop believing 3rd thing you hear. Truthfully if 5th could use the cloud to do what they are saying why even rush your console to the market . They would ha email more respect .

Ballsack1682d ago

@septic... Where did I say dx12 WON'T help the xbox one? Yet you have the nerve to talk about sweeping statements?

How the hell as this dude got them bubbles when he makes no sense

Septic1682d ago

"@septic... Where did I say dx12 WON'T help the xbox one? Yet you have the nerve to talk about sweeping statements? "

OH FFS! I'm asking you a QUESTION!

Want to know why I have more bubbles than you? Its because I dont type BS like this:

"The sooner ms stop with all the buzzwords hyping up the delusional fan boys and just get down to gaming the quicker their reputation will be repaired, they should have learnt by all their reversals that gamers are not idiots an the only people they are fooling are the hardened Xbox fan boys."

In the post where I asked you the question I even clarified my post:

"Chances are,

* DX12 will HELP the X1
* MS have something in store with cloud tech. Its not a mythical piece of tech. Just wait and see with Crackdown 3.

Why jump the gun?"

I'm asking why you're being so dismissive.

Flippin ek...the reading comprehension of users on here is absolutely terrible. It makes having a proper meaningful discussion almost impossible.

fr0sty1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Don't you love how Microsoft can show a staged demo with servers connected over a local network to a PC showing a building being blown up (at 720p, 30fps, mind you), and suddenly that becomes proof of their claim that an upcoming game will be using the same tech on consoles over the actual internet...

alexkoepp1682d ago

All i know is we are watching a closing gap

Ghosts 720p vs 1080p

and now

watchdogs 792p vs 900p and
wolfenstein 1080p vs 1080p

It's not the widening gap that -$ony fanboys predicted, its clearly closing and now freeing up GPU power from kinect and as cloud power/dedicated servers (whatever you wish to call it, interchangeable) matures along with further dx12 implementations, we are going to see that gap get even smaller. 7 months after launch and X1 still has the best looking game released, and we see improvement across the board steadily.

fr0sty1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Cloud aided rendering is a pipe dream for now. Latency just isn't there yet for the framerates that we demand for gaming. Physics can work on a limited scale, but bandwidths and latencies fluctuate, and you don't want your gaming physics (which can ruin your game if something goes wrong, depending on the situation) messing up because your net connection had a hiccup. Titanfall claimed cloud AI, but it was nothing special (which is why you don't hear the fanboys citing it as a valid example anymore).

As for cloud aided gaming, it isn't exclusive to MS platforms by any means (nor are dedicated servers, though people seem to forget that often). Example: No Man's Sky. All world generated procedurally by the local consoles, but the results of that generation are stored in the cloud so that any other player in the entire galaxy (and the entire galaxy is stored in the cloud) can then explore that planet if they wanted to. You want to talk about tracking hundreds of thousands of asteroids? Try an entire galaxy...

@alexkoepp, you don't know what to look for in that closing gap. Wipeout HD ran at 1080p60 on PS3. So where's that gap between PS3 and Xbox One? Wipeout HD doesn't look anywhere near as good as an Xbox One game. That's where. Now compare Wolfenstein to Uncharted 4's trailer. Both are running at 1080p60... but the gap is massive.

It isn't the number that counts, but how good the game is able to look while maintaining that number.

Father__Merrin1682d ago

if crackdown 3 is playing offline is destruction less or appear to be not as advanced or will the game save a kinda "destruc-vitar" for use when your offline?

fr0sty1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

You would have to play the game online if it used cloud aided physics, assuming your internet connection was even good enough. Physics changing dramatically can have a big effect on gameplay, so it isn't always going to be as easy as making another mode the console can run the game in by itself if the game relies on heavy physics simulation. Also, you can't download physics calculations before they are even triggered. Each calculation is unique in many cases (unless it is a scripted event), so they need to be done in real time.

Or, Microsoft could just make you have to be always online to play the game, since it uses cloud tech... which is what I think this whole "cloud" crap is doing to begin with.

Ballsack1682d ago

@septic...Tut Tut touchy touchy...

'I was ASKING him a question. His sweeping statement implied that DX12 wasn't going to help the X1 hence why I posed the question about whether or not he thought DX12 would help the X1 at al'

Common sense I said 'primarily' therefore your question is null and void.

I in no way as you state 'implied' dx12 won't aid the xbox one... Its just not going to be this all magical super powerful second coming of the xbox one.. It will help developers tasks a bit more easier not give the xbox one a huge power boost.. Only hardware can do that.

And you talk about reading comprehension . maybe if you didn't come across as condescending people wouldn't have an issue with you.

DoubleM701682d ago

They don't want it to work because their favorite console is not doing it. Here is the sad part for me Xbots or Ponies tell me they are gamers but pledge allegiance to one console. If Microsoft can pull it off it's a win for gamers. It only means they are pushing gaming forward. If Sony can get Play station now working correctly it's another win for us gamers.... Think About!


your entire post is bull from the very first sentence. He didnt say whether or not the cloud will help the xbox one at all. he said it wont quadruple its power. so whatever point you make based off that is invalid.

CKPan1682d ago

" How can you be in such a state of denial when games like Sunset Overdrive with 8 player co-op and upcoming games like Crackdown are confirmed to be benefiting from cloud computing?"

So Sunset Overdrive running 120 fps now? that's MS said That Cloud gives 3x power to XBONE.

Ryan7411682d ago

Why jump the gun you say? Because its not Sony. If it was Sony it would be the bestest thing in the whole wide world.

aragon1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@septic Wow u getting disagrees for asking a question, they made their show about games what's wrong with that?? He mentioned the cloud demo on twitter. What's the big deal. Didn't we ask for only games at e3?

Btw all u people talking about latency with the fan boyish comment history u have. R u questioning ps now latency u do know u will be streaming games that are taxing on caps ?

wsoutlaw871681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

you know almost any machine with internet can use "the cloud". The xb1 doesnt have some super cloud connector or something. All they did was buy a bunch of servers. Games have been paying for servers for ever so ms's big thing was that it would be cheaper for the dev to do, thats all. How much stuff has to use "the cloud" before ms and its fans realize they dont own it, or invent it, and its just server processing. My Iphone 4s uses magical cloud power when I talk to siri. You all know Amazon is the largest cloud service provider and not ms right?

mmcglasson1681d ago

The DX12 equivalent is already in the X1. Of course there will be some updates to the X1 and their DX features but these updates won't be as drastic as they are on the PC.

I'm pretty sure Sony has just as powerful cloud environment due to the purchase of Gakai (spelling). 300,000 servers that MS touted are mostly virtual servers... I am pretty sure it's safe to say MS probably added a few hundred physical servers and the rest being virtual. Sony and MS both have dedicated servers and PS Now is a great example of their dedicated servers.

PS3/PS4 PSNow Beta tester.

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DLConspiracy1682d ago

I would think gamers would be excited for the extra power in a game. Not extra graphics. Just more environment destruction and ai. If cloud is a real thing and not a "buzzword" everyone in gaming is going to use it. why wouldn't they?

wsoutlaw871681d ago

of course cloud is a real thing. How do u think they've been doing matchmaking on all your mp games. The issue is that its impractical and ms is turning it in to a buzzword by way over selling the capabilities and acting as if they have some super secret cloud nonsense. You should really look up what cloud computing is. Its pretty much everywhere by now and theres no question its real. A lot of the services you use online are using cloud computing.

truefan11682d ago ShowReplies(16)
CYCLEGAMER1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

HUH?? What?? Ummmm the "cloud" is and has always been known to just be another word for dedicated servers. No one is being tricked, baboozled, or lied to. Its like calling a "gaming PC" a "gaming rig". Same thing, different wording.

Gh05t1682d ago

The cloud by definition is applications or programs (operations) running on a server other than the clients. Its a client-server model with really the only difference is that it MAY split the process to more than one server to complete the operations.

The second an operation is offloaded to the server rather than the client it is by definition "cloud" computing.

I have a dedicated NAS server but that's not a cloud machine.

I run a sql server which I remote into and perform all my queries on and use that as the power of my cloud.

Deadpoolio1682d ago

That is all da cloud has and will ever be....It's the idiot Xbots who don't know what the hell they're even talking about who made it out as if it were going to be more.

What these morons fail to ever actually understand is that da cloud was NEVER going to do anything for graphics, Azure is designed to work with the CPU not the GPU. Physics at best, AI at best, are about all da cloud is going to do for the Xbox.....Azure isn't even exclusively for the Xbox it's MS business application just like the 300,000 servers morons keep saying are for Xbox when they are FACT for all MS devices and businesses paying for azure services

wsoutlaw871681d ago

but saying the cloud would 4x the power of the xb1 is a trick or lie.

Dewitt1682d ago

Get tired of hearing this buzzword and PR crap, obviously it takes time to perfect these systems and get the concepts fully fleshed out before they show them to the public. Concepts take some time to work into IPs, they are slowly experimenting and have some huge scale ideas such as what they are doing in Crackdown.

JBSleek1682d ago

There is such so much wrong with this post. I take it that you didn't read the article?

MerRoids1682d ago

The Xbox One was built around DX12. It has been said to take advantage of DX12 100%. So yes, even though the PC will benefit, I don't see the Xbox One not benefiting just as much. That is just how I am understanding it.

Flutterby1682d ago

Well you are understanding it wrong , do you or any of the clueless people know what dx12 brings with it ? It brings console like coding to the metal for pcs , do you see the problem here in thinking the xbone will benefit from it as much as pc ??? It's making pcs more console like when making games and programs it gets rid of some of the fluff most pc software has to work around, consoles such as the xbone already do this.

So the basics is dx12 makes pcs as efficient with code as consoles already are, let that sink in a bit then get back to me.

MerRoids1682d ago


You assume there is going to be larger improvement on PC over Xbox One, that's fine. I never said that's not possible. I believe it will be more noticeable on PC, sure. .

What I am saying that Xbox was built around it. Ask Phil Spencer, 100% instruction utilization on Xbox One, pretty cut and dry dude.

wsoutlaw871681d ago

so what exactly do you think an api is going to do for the xbox 1?

Belasco1682d ago

Why does it bother people like you so much? Why are you so interested in this? It's damned near copy-paste comments every time I see cloud and DX12 mentioned, followed by a huge amount of agrees. Is this a troll bot or something? It adds nothing to the conversation except internet sissy fights. Get a life.

AngelicIceDiamond1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@Ball So not only is cloud being used in Forza 5 Drivetars They're also being used in FH2 and in fact they said it'll be better because of its open world nature. So dedicated servers along with Drivetars that's cloud tech right there.

Crackdown 3 is said to use cloud the way we wanted to see it.

I'm providing facts, facts that you could of easily looked up before making that comment. You wanna sound cool just like everyone else here and make that sort of comment.

"Its buzzwords" Come on man come up with your own real logic.

"The Xbox one is a good machine, it's just not as powerful as the ps4 an this has given ms a inferiority complex."

The PS4 is more powerful but only marginally stronger from what I've see so far (key word so far). And honestly the power difference isn't substantial enough for an argument.

To me they seem more closer in power rather than the forced further away in power. Other than certain games being less pixels on X1 what other things greatly separates the two systems? That's a legit question btw.

If you wanna talk power then PC is the platform.

EDIT: Instead of disagreeing because you all are simply reading what you don't like reply back prove me wrong, lets discuss it.

Why o why1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

If a 720p vs 1080p gap isn't significant I'm not sure what you consider would be. Yes 900p vs 1080p isnt such a gap but c'mon now. What would you like us to gage the gap by?

Ms tried to do an apple and rebrand something the world already had......'face time' anyone. With this spin on what we've had, some people used it as some new power source that only ms had access to. Just look at how many fans and fanboys have lauded its rhetoric. You cant erase or retcon the proof. The cloud has changed its narrative and so have those who championed it.

Then the final most transparent fallacy of 'if you wanna talk power then pc is the platform......' smh. Whaaa daaaa faaaar happened to that sentiment last gen when 'more grass' was used as fodder let alone the doubling of pixles we've experienced this gen? If we didn't yern for more power/performance we wouldn't need to upgrade at all EVER would we. Its been this way since amiga vs atari, master system vs nes, snes vs Megadrive and so on. M3 owners enjoy power just as much as Ferrari owners even though they're in different categories. Are you implying its only those who can afford or have access to the top end, should care about power and performance?¿ Nonsense. I wish you were there in df and lot articles expressing that said morality because a very lot of fud was flung over lesser differences

Enjoy your platform regardless. Its not the hope in 'the cloud' that annoys me personally but the endless band of gloat like its already proven its application in real world situations when the evidence contradicts. I will add that theres also too much cloud hate by some and that is also annoying especially if sony end up using dedicated servers to achieve any type of increase in any capacity.

My prescription is to wait and see. Temper the expectations for and vitriol against. Any tech progression is good for gamers but lets not get hyped in claiming its a game changer either

extermin8or1682d ago

Crackdown better be doing something damn impressive that couldn't be done without the cloud then. But it's unlikely to be anything other than destruction you trigger that then occurs at a distance from the player because anything else would only work on the lowest latency, fastest internets and any fluctuation in that will mess up the game.

BallsEye1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

It's hardly a buzzword like sony's promised 4D in ps3 games that never happened. I work as a 3d/2d artist and I use plenty of different "clouds" everyday at work. From Adobe cloud that syncs all apps on all my devices and has a ton of cool features to Autodesk cloud rendering (basicly render farms) for computing real life like visuals in seconds.
You want it or not cloud computing exists. Plenty of demos were shown. New Crackdown uses it to calculate physics and destruction, forza uses it for AI (and so will Fable Legends). Even Nvidia showed off their cloud tech demo which you can find on youtube. Have you seen MS building destruction in cloud? Whatever you call it, it's there and you are delusional for doing a witch hunting on MS. 20 years from now I wouldn't even dream of talking to person on another side of the world instantly, like we can now with cellphones or tons of other devices. You can stay behind in the past and do your witchhunt, while I'll be enjoying the future.

Oner1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

BallsEye said ~ "I work as a 3d/2d artist..."

And yet you don't know what 4D gaming is? SMFH.

Pixel_Enemy1682d ago

That's the Ex Bullocks for ya.

tbone5671682d ago

PS4 doesn't have cloud power at all. Thats why Sony is scared.

TKCMuzzer1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Isn't it the other way round, It's Microsoft who have been touting extra power from the cloud, you only tout extra when your weaker than the opposition in the first place. The whole 'cloud' thing is to try and convince all their fans and future adopters that at some point the Xbox One will be more powerful than it is now. It will have benefits to certain games but it's not going to triple the power of any console, you just can't design games around an infrastructure that won't be available to many for years to come (High speed consistent Internet, uncapped)

The truth is simple, the 'cloud' as it's known is available to anyone to create, even Sony. The fact is though, the PS4 is the more powerful hardware, it's not made up, it's there on the specs sheet and that will never change no matter how many parts MS remove from the Xbox One. These things need to be excepted now so people can get on and enjoy their respected consoles and the games that are to come for them.

Maybe, just maybe we can then start having discussions about games.


Bubble vote for you man....that's the truth in a nutshell.

Deathdeliverer1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@Tbone567> Playstation Now runs on magic then?

showtimefolks1682d ago

MS should just focus on making awesome games and stop talking about buzzwords to create hype

PR0X11682d ago

PS4 and Xbox One are almost the same in hardware. The small difference is that XB1 runs of windows and PS4 from Linux. Most games ran and looked better on the Xbox 360 but if you asked here what machine was more powerful all of you would say PS3. Stop being such fanboys for multi-billion companies. I think both PS4 and XB1 suck when you look at the graphics. But I can enjoy the games even if they don't look like 2000$ PC graphics.

Sitdown1682d ago

What is it about the Xbox one that makes you think it was rushed?

TheSaint1682d ago

You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby, round round round round.

Good ol' MS.

Azzanation1681d ago

Stop being a typical troll. MS already spoke about the cloud and dedicated servers last year. This year was all about the games. If you don't want to believe that the X1 is going to have a major improvement in the coming years and your beloved Console of choice is missing out then that's you being a simple fanboy and a jealous one at that. I am a PC gamer and all my games use DX apart from some. I cant wait for DX12 and Cloud etc.

Regardless of how much it improves the console, its an improvement and something all gamers should be looking forward too.

In your eyes your hoping its only a buzzword and that's a typical Sony fanboy method on holding onto straws believing they made the better console choice. I couldn't care less if the X1 is more powerful or not. The only reason I buy consoles is because of there exclusives, and if you haven't notice last gen each console had there superb looking game like TLOU on PS3, Halo 4 on 360 and Mario Galaxy on Wii.

Hardware is nothing if the developers behind it aren't great.

TheSaint1681d ago

Decrys people by calling them a fanboy, when will people learn that makes you look like a fanboy?

r1sh121681d ago

are we all sure the writer got it right?

To me -
Dedicated servers = stable multiplayer due to stable ping etc. No advantages to the game host.

Cloud = Raw computing power or storage for anything.
I.e to do very little GPU work, or send textures to the GPU or whatever.

Thats the general principle behind it, from a solutions architect perspective.

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XiSasukeUchiha1682d ago

If they were so focused on the cloud, why try to change the subject? because MS f up and they know it.

Septic1682d ago

Actually no. If you read the article, the focus on the term 'the cloud' might have changed but what it's planned to do hasn't:

"The name might have changed, but this is still very much the Azure 'Thunderhead' service, just with a name-change to make it more appealing to the core gamer," Leadbetter said. "While the cloud obviously offers dedicated server functionality, Azure offers the potential for much more and it doesn't look as though Microsoft has changed its plans there."

Septic1682d ago

Gotta love the disagrees I'm getting when I'm basically stating a fact.

Its from the article...even if you don't believe in what dedicated servers (previously called 'the cloud') can do, what am I saying that is wrong?


Belasco1682d ago

They disagree because of the "side" you are perceived to be on, nothing more. The usual "Lord of the Flies" mentality.

soandsoz1682d ago

"Actually no. If you read the article, the focus on the term 'the cloud' might have changed but what it's planned to do hasn't: "

I agree with you 100% Septic.
I'm of the opinion Microsoft hasn't abandoned it's original vision for the Xbox division and gaming industry as a whole. Rather, they have just revised their approach towards achieving that goal. Toned down their aggressiveness. As I recall reading several months ago, Microsoft has been forced to be far more subtle with it's gaming business agenda