Platinum Rebooting Kameo For Xbox One Is An "Interesting Idea", Says Spencer

Kamiya is "kind of busy on Scalebound" right now, though.

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Grown Folks Talk1589d ago

LOST ODYSSEY 2 PLEASE. Too Human 2 & snagging the Jade Empire IP from Bioware wouldn't hurt my feelings either.

Ausbo1589d ago

I wouldn't expect to see too human ever again. It sold bad and had a lot of negative publicity around it with the lawsuits and such.

Grown Folks Talk1589d ago

It wasn't great in any area, but every time I fired it up, I found myself playing for hours at a time. Just shorten the death animation & i'm all for a sequel.

Jdoki1589d ago

Considering the E3 briefing had no announcement from Rare - let's hope they are working on it, and a reboot of Blast Corps. And a reboot of Jet Force Gemini. :)

gamerfan09091589d ago

Rare probably has stuff for gamescon or they were simply not ready to present. They hired a bunch of people then fired most of the kinect guys, so they're probably working on some newer games. Personally I'd like to see a new Perfect Dark remake.

SLUG1589d ago

i would love to see a new jet force gemini game on the xbox one MS please make the magic happen MS

B1uBurneR1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

No more Remakes for the year. . Each console should have a max or 3 remakesa year limit.

Take that money and resources and make a new ip.

Mikelarry1589d ago

they could but you must agree we are seeing more remakes than new IP's lately and i fear its only going to get worse

Jdoki1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


Yeah, it is slightly concerning.

I can see why it's being done though.

This gen is turning out to be particularly bad for launch window / Year 1 titles - so churning out HD / Remastered versions is a nice way to fill the gaps with well established IP. They must be quicker to produce than new games.

JBSleek1589d ago

"they could but you must agree we are seeing more remakes than new IP's lately and i fear its only going to get worse"

That's not even true. Also this conversation came up from Spencer just saying it was interesting...Not that they are actually making remakes.

There has been many new IP already this generation: Watch Dogs, Sunset Overdrive, BloodBourne, The Order, DriveClub, The Division, Scalebound, The Crew, Ryse, ect.

Remakes are fine. There are so many people who haven't experienced great games from the past.

Mikelarry1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

@ JB

the last of us
Tomb raider
halo master chief collection
god of war collection
halo spartan assault
phantom dust
crackdown ( its not crackdown 3 as its a reboot to the franchise... remake)

there are "talks" about mass effect and sleeping dogs.

i can see there is market for them as people who missed out on these titles but lately with every new game announcement we hear at least a couple are remakes

JBSleek1589d ago


I'm not seeing the issue here? Like I said you can do both.

christocolus1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


Crackdown isn't a reboot. It has a new story and will be taking place in a different city and with all new locations and characters. There are several articles on that online. Just like Halo5 I think it will be subtitled before release.

OT: kamiya needs to do a zelda style game for the xbox one.

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n4gamingm1589d ago

Yeah these aren't remaster these are either sequeals or restarting the franchise.

truefan11589d ago

@Mike Laryy don't you even try to downplay the upcoming XB1 games. Phantom Dust and Crackdown are both entirely new games and Halo MCC is a 10 year anniversary of Halo 2.

On topic: I never Kameo would be an interesting title to bring back, XB1 needs more adventure games. Nothing wrong with boosting an already great variety.

Lastly a small tidbit I noticed was that Scalebound might have a multiplayer coop, I rewatched the trailer and it looks like friends came to help him out. We will really be putting that xbl subscription to use big time this gen.

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