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Pure|News had finally the chance to play Watch Dogs. But does the game live up to the hype especially after the famous E3 demo?


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Raf1k12216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I agree but I do think it's a pretty good game.

I do really like the way they've implemented the multiplayer with the ability to queue for things like you can in World of Warcraft. I find this far better than in GTA5.

The game doesn't have much to offer in the single player department that we haven't already seen many times. They've at least been able to improve on the technical side of open world multiplayer by adding functionality that other open world games had not done before. Though this is more to do with matchmaking.

All in all, I think Ubisoft have a great new IP that can be polished to be amazing. Just like they did with Assassin's Creed 2.

hollabox2216d ago

Not yet! When Ubisoft send out a patch to fix AMD graphics card issues I will start playing WD again. Until then I can't say for certain if this game is lives for to the hype.

JsonHenry2216d ago

Bought it, played it to the point where you visit your nephew for his Birthday, haven't touched it since.

Maybe I'll go back to it later. but for right now I fear it was a $50 Steam purchase mistake.

Mikelarry2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

you got further than me, i played until you get past the police in the car chase (10 mins into the game)and was like YUP IM DONE!!!! shame i got it digital as i would have returned it

MrGunny942216d ago

It's not a bad game, was there room for improvement? Sure there was, especially on the resolution department.. The Xbox One version is very jagged..

Meltic2216d ago

it sucks.. played it. Completed it and dont want to touch it anymore. GTA5 still i enjoy playing it. The city feels awesome and WD feels so sad. Its a living city but not a funny city. Los angeles location should have been a better Place to settle WD in.

MrGunny942216d ago

I have to agree with you on this, after you're done with the side missions and the main story there's nothing to keep it alive.

Especially since the side missions are done quite fast... =/

Meltic2216d ago

I dont want to be to harsh to Ubisoft its a great and funny game but like you said. After the Side missions its nothing to keep it alive. And talk about the Demarco mission?. The e3 mission of Demarco was so badass compare to Demarco mission now when the game is done. Cant wait to play Gta5 on my PC when it arrives again.

MrGunny942216d ago

Indeed, I think people expect too much especially when those games are shown running at high enhanced visuals due to be a E3 presentation.

I personally think the Hype was done by the fans that was caused by the HUGE marketing done on the game.

Ubisoft shown what was the game, I think people made a different idea of what to expect from the package though.

It's just a game you pay and you're done.. Contrary to GTA V for example, which I still keep playing after I'm done with everything..

I think the game needed more random events like the Crime random events.. It just feels lifeless.

Jdoki2216d ago

Slightly off topic... These non-committal 'kinda', 'maybe', '?' articles that seem endemic in gaming press at the moment are starting to annoy.

Jeez, have a strong opinion, risk the ire of your audience, nail your colours to the mast! These constant on the fence 'meh' articles deserve no respect. It's like the apathy of the generation in written form.

MrGunny942216d ago

I'm sorry, probably you were right. But the reason I said kinda, it's because I wasn't saying that it not lived the hype or if it did.

There's diferent types of Hype. For me the hype I had expected from this game it's what it got deliver, I didn't expect a inifinite and amazing graphical game

I expected a normal sandbox game with hacking features, which was it was delivered.

I'm sorry again if you felt bad about the title or the review itself, should have explained that one line better.

Again mate I hope you didn't got annoyed by this.

uth112216d ago

It's fun while doing missions, but the open world mode gets boring fast. Even the city in Lego Marvel is more fun that this!

Chicago needs more interactivity in this game.

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