Kojima 'must make players accept Snake becomes a demon in The Phantom Pain'

With MGSV, Kojima goes through great lengths to involve the player in Big Boss’s actions and emotions. This is necessary because in this game, Big Boss will not be heroic like before, and instead it will tell the story of his downfall. On Twitter, Kojima took the time to explain how he intends to handle this, and how he’s trying to deal with what he calls the ‘character versus player’ paradox.

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2213d ago

I don't care about this Snake anyway considering it's voiced by a washed up Hollywood VA now.

RumbleFish2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

He's not that bad and one could say, that it was a bad decision, to have both Big Boss and Solid Snake spoken by David Hayter, but it is definitely a strange decision to change the voice actor that late in the series when the original voice is still available.

Kurylo3d2213d ago

Dude... how transparent do u need this to be. Solid snake vs Big Boss in a future game... u cant have both being voiced by teh same actor.

rawshack2213d ago

He did a good job .but think about this young snake might come in the game sum time .who will voice him .kojama has allways tricks uphis sleeve .

Summons752213d ago

He's a good actor....but not a good snake.

N82213d ago

I have to admit it does take me out of the game a bit. I love the MGS franchise but I still don't like the decision to use the 24 guy.

ravinash2213d ago

I've only really played MGS4, so I convince myself that the old voice is solid snake and Big Boss is Kiefer Sutherland voice.

Now if I can just stop thinking of Jack Bauer when I play the new game.

Aleithian2212d ago

Same here. I don't mind switching from Hayter if Kojima's setting up a remake of Metal Gear, but this guy was the wrong choice. Should have hired Kurt Russel.

LordMaim2213d ago

There's nothing wrong with Kiefer Sutherland's voice acting. The only reason people are having trouble with him is because he's not the voice that they're used to hearing from Snake's mouth. I think that the change was necessary in order to make a clear division between Solid Snake and Big Boss in people's mind. Particularly since this will be the game where Big Boss will go off the rails a little.

Likely this will serve to set up a remake of the original Metal Gear with David Hayter back as the voice of the Solid Snake that we know and love.

N82212d ago

My problem with kiefers voice is that its kiefers voice. What if Morgan Freeman became master cheifs voice. For me I don't hear Snake I hear the guy from 24 reading lines.

LordMaim2212d ago

@N8: Morgan Freeman as Master Chief? Sold.

Meltic2213d ago

This snake actor sucks so bad. I want David back

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Az1mov2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

@My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante I think kiefer's voice suits snake perfectly :) tbh

vivid832213d ago

I don't there's anything to accept as we already know how he ends up

Summons752213d ago

We do but we don't know what he did or the events that made him become such. Which is what MGS5 is about.

vivid832212d ago

i'm not disagreeing with what your saying I was referring to title that's assuming we might find hard to accept him going bad

Sloth-Eater2213d ago

I'll always preffer Hayter. I got a tweet from him a few months backwhen I wished him good luck for the future. I don't think KS is that bad. They could have done a lot worse. DH to me will always be Snake, but things change.

Can't wait to play this!

zeuanimals2213d ago

Technically, Kiefer's not voicing Snake, he's voicing Big Boss. I'm guessing Kojima wants Big Boss and Snake to be in a game together where Snake defeats Big Boss. It'll be a remake of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

We'll probably get to play as Solid Snake voiced again by David Hayter, and the final boss will be Big Boss, voiced by Kiefer Sutherland. It would've been strange if David Hayter voiced both Snake and Big Boss with the same voice. Or maybe even change it up a bit, but I'd prefer if the two characters had different VAs.

Einhert2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

The gameplay in ground zeroes was disappointing as was the voice cast.

The main enemy who appears in the opening had a very poor voice in particular, so flat and cheesy.

Kiefer was alright but a bit flat and in the same vain cheesy but not quite as bad.

The stealth was so dumbed down with giving the player so much slow motion time when they are spotted to react. Stealth then looses its meaning and consequence.

Regen Health because that needed changed?

No items, gadgets, camo index, psych or stamina, survivor screen and also the removal of classic stables like the codec conversations.

Seems like the phantom pain will be a good game, but not a good MGS game.

Inb4 sea of disagrees because kojima is worshipped on this site and apparently completely fireproof to valid criticism.

Taislin2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

The slow motion time is optional, you can play without it you know? Also, the Phantom pain will feature gadgets and camo as well, even including stuff from Peace Walker in there. Anyway, it will be a good MGS because it will be a good game and it´s called MGS, not because it needs to stand to a personal definition of what a game in a series should be. Things need to change, and untill the game comes out, one should withold from judging if it changes for better or worst. This is also true with the FF fanbase, which is one of the worst in this aspect.

Allsystemgamer2213d ago

^ all of that was in ground zeroes except for the codecs and te slow motion can be turned off. You can play classic metal gear style and the stealth is IMPROVED. The stealth in the originals was only good for the time. All it was was line of sight and really loud noises.

zeuanimals2212d ago

Hideo Kojima is Japanese and I don't know if you know this but 99% of the world's non-edible cheese comes from Japan. As such, Metal Gear has never been afraid of a little cheese.

I remember when a ton of people were saying David Hayter's voice was too over the top and cheesy. I grew up with it and never thought of it that way but plenty of people did, and now I realize that it sort of is cheesy, but it adds to the charm of the game.

Einhert2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

David Hayters voice was cheesy in a charming kind of way that made snake likable and badass.

kiefer just sounds like he is trying to hard to do his gravelly jack bauer voice (bad cheesy) and reading off a script instead of acting it out.

And no there was not an option to play without the reflex camera in ground zeroes and I thought this was a prologue?

Do you people have a source for saying all the things that make MGS well MGS are going to be put back in?

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