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Built on the roots and experience of Microsoft’s Halo franchise, Bungie is at it again with the next generation of shooter in Destiny – and it is better than Halo.

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shallowpoint2219d ago

I loved every minute of it. Cant wait for the beta!!

cleft52219d ago

I put over 30 hours into this Alpha. I can't think of the last fps game that I put that much time in, in recent memory. This is what Defiance, Halo 4, and Borderlands 2 should have been. I like all of the games that I just mentioned and I am glad to see that Destiny takes the best elements of those games and just makes a great game.

I reached lvl 8, max level for the Alpha, very fast but I continued to play to get better gear and because the game is fun. Over 30 hours in I was still finding gear that was better for my level 8 character. Really fun game to play, but I can understand why watching someone play it would seem boring as hell.

C-H-E-F2219d ago

Agreed, I mean it's decent WITH my friends.. WITHOUT them it's gets old fast, the voice acting blows and that music they play when Sh*t gets real sucks ass. Understood it's an "Alpha" but I doubt they'll change that cheesiness. I also, think they are only calling it an "ALPHA" because the people who preordered it will be made that we have access before them... the game is due out too soon to be in "ALPHA". Otherwise the game looks and plays great, smoother than battlefield hardline.. but it just gets dull def. not worth 500million investment.

JoeIsMad2219d ago

Chef - Alpha is the state of a game that is incomplete. Beta is the state of a title that has all of it's elements completed for version 1.0, but needs tested for stability and glitches. This game isn't finished in production, and you can see that in the "Tower" and "Old Russia" levels. Interactive NPC robots in "Tower" are all meant to show you the map - only a few do. In Old Russia, the world is cut in half so that you can't compete beyond level 8, which is fully complete to this point.

ROQFrost2219d ago

Most fun I've had in an Alpha.

JoeIsMad2219d ago

I haven't had this much fun playing a game - any game, since Modern Warfare 1.

LightDiego2219d ago

Why pc related? This game is exclusive for consoles yet.

Nolando2219d ago

I will end up getting this game. But I kind of like what The Division is doing more with its open world shooter.

Both will be great though.

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The story is too old to be commented.