12 Most Controversial Video Games of All Time

iHowtoDo: What several fail to know is that the bulk of gamers have the flexibility to differentiate reality from fantasy. Video games have a particularly difficult position when it comes to controversy. Like with Germany’s 17 year ban on Doom finally lifted this week, we take a look at some of the most controversial games of all time. Here are the 12 most controversial video games of all time.

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Tedakin3026d ago

No Mortal Kombat? The game is the reason the ESRB was established....

Vegamyster3026d ago


"Night Trap was cited in the 1990s Congressional hearings concerning violent video games. Night Trap, Mortal Kombat, Lethal Enforcers and Doom are considered to be primary factors in leading to the development of the ESRB game industry ratings system."

Gazondaily3025d ago

Wtf is up with Rapeplay?? How on earth is a game like that even allowed to exist?

Seriously messed up stuff.

RondoMachete3026d ago

I've found Manhunt really hard but I keep chipping away after all these years but Manhunt 2 is one of my favourite games to play through on PSP and Wii.

SP4CE_C4PT4IN3025d ago

Absolutely loved the first Manhunt. It did get pretty tough near the end. It's awful that it's so sickly satisfying to execute people in those ways :P
Never had the chance to play part 2. I've heard that during the executions, the screen kinda goes red and it's not as clearly visible as the first game. But I've also heard that if you had a modded PSP that you could eliminate the red from showing up and you'd be able to enjoy the executions the way they were meant to be. Not censored!

Morgue3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I remember when PSM was out back in the day and I think there was a demo on this disc for Thrill Kill. I was bummed out back then that this game got canned.

SP4CE_C4PT4IN3024d ago

Haha oh man! I remember that issue! It had a sweet CD cover sticker of the logo (devil head w/fire) I think it had memory card stickers too.

Tetsujin3025d ago

Another article with separate pages, refuse to read.

Codewow3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Alright, so out of all of these I'd say Rapelay should be number one.. just from the name.... Who in their right mind would ever want to play that game? You must be pretty twisted...