Here’s How the New Legend of Zelda Wii U Game Could Look When Night Falls

We’ve seen the beautiful new Legend of Zelda title with it’s colorful and bright atmosphere at E3. Have you thought about what it could look like when the sun goes down and the light turns into darkness? Reddit User ninemonkeys decided that he didn’t want to wait, so he took some time out to do a little bit of editing and the results can speak for themselves.

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Metallox1583d ago

See the volcano, the deep forest just before the mountains? The game must be huge.

Pozzle1583d ago

If it's all explorable, I'm gonna cream my pants! :O

thehobbyist1583d ago

"You can even explore those mountains way in the back" - Eiji Aonuma, Legend of Zelda director

Pozzle1583d ago

@thehobbyist: You have made my day, good sir!

randomass1711583d ago

Haha, I missed that the first time too. I'm so happy we're getting a full open world. I just hope that there is a lot to do in it, as well as fast travel.

3-4-51583d ago

Go watch the GameExplain of it.

They zoom into like 20 different locations within the picture that you CAN'T See, UNLESS you zoom in a lot.

This place is a lot bigger than it even seems in the picture.

thehobbyist1583d ago

Things we can see on screen
- Two small houses and a well
- Some farmers in the field and goats
- What appears to be watch towers and wood walls in the distance
- A castle town in the distance
- A volcano in the distance
- A lake nearby that volcano
- A gorge in the distance
- The really thick fog cloud seems to be stemming from another lake
Conclusion: FUCK this game is huge.

azure19901583d ago

That's pretty damn good looking for the wii u. So excited for this game :D

wonderfulmonkeyman1583d ago

I'd say pretty damned good looking for any game on any system period.
The art style was obviously chosen with lots of love and care...

dadz1583d ago

Wow the night looks absolutely gorgeous!

BullyMangler1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

pleasure to be imagining such glorious incoming TALENT

Bhuahahaha1583d ago

omg every time i look at it turn better and bettter

w8 i think i see the tower of saruman @ upper right there~jk

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The story is too old to be commented.