The Destiny alpha has won me over

Dave Walsh of gives his impressions of Bungie's Destiny alpha on the PlayStation 4.

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PeaSFor2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

after all the trailers, dev speechs and game infos,.....i was mildly interested, but after a good 10-15 hrs into the alpha it totally make it a must buy for me, its an awesome mix between MassEffect, Memeland(borderland), Diablo, Halo and MMO.

it went from "meh" to Holy shit my nipples are hard and cant wait for the full game god dammit!!!"

...then spent pretty much all weekend lvling the titan, hunter, warlock up to lvl8, spent a good amount of time playing pvp even if im not THAT interested into competitive fps, enjoyed the shit out of the raid&random instances even if i hate mmos, and found tons of blue items that i couldnt equip due to the alpha lvl cap(such a cocktease)

man, im hyped for the full game, good job Bungie, im a believer now, the alpha changed my mind about the game!

Shadonic2208d ago

Recently figured out that there may be more than a russia map on earth going to possibly even a futuristic Chicago (watch dogs Easter egg?).

Nitrowolf22208d ago

Maybe more?
Its been comfirm lots more!!

ramiuk12208d ago

i had it on preorder but i was still on the fence.
the alpha made me keep my preorder.

it has very strong MMO genes which i love

--Onilink--2208d ago

same here, in theory I was really liking the concept that bungie was proposing. It seemed like a good marriage of ideas from other games in a single package, but all the trailers and live demos were not doing it for me, they were not pushing me over the edge.

The alpha changed everything, definitely day 1 for me. I was left really wanting to play more of the game, the PvP i didnt really care, but ive never like Zone control modes, so ill have to wait what others they have.. but everything else was amazing.

TIP: you can preorder the game from amazon and you will get the beta code right away, then you can just cancel the preorder (though after playing the beta you probably will not want to do it lol)

Nine_Thousaaandd2208d ago

"man, im hyped for the full game, good job Bungie, im a believer now, the alpha changed my mind about the game!"

Yup...I'm really excited for Destiny! I'm probably going warlock first, space magic and gunfire ftw!

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Chuk52208d ago

It's an undeinably super polished game. I canceled my pre-order, but that's only because I want like 3 other games more and am trying to budget. Destiny is actually like a reimagining of Mass Effect in some ways. I hope the story is good, but the space faring nature and pure rethought mmo hooks make this game a winner.

Lawboy22208d ago

I feel the same way...The game cool just not my cup of there's so many games coming out I don't think I'll have enough money

JsonHenry2208d ago

I was really excited for it.. until I played the alpha. Even though I think it is a good game it still felt like an MMO to me. And I'm not much one for MMOs. I might still buy it and play it for a while with friends but I don't feel an overwhelming urge to play it.

I'm really hoping The Division doesn't leave the same bad "MMO" taste in my mouth.

DirtyLary2208d ago

"reimagining of Mass Effect in some ways"

Not next gen Halo?

Chuk52208d ago

The sense of exploration and even being under the wander on the last city has a strong citadel feel. Wiping around to different destinations feels like riding in the normandy.

GamersHeaven2208d ago

It was alot better than I was expecting it to be looking forward to playing the full retail version.

dp2774072208d ago

Yea the Alpha def swayed me into purchasing on day one.

gamerfan09092208d ago

I've played some of the alpha and I'm still meh on it, but then again it's an alpha. Nothing in it blows me away. It's very polished, but nothing about it makes me go damn I have to get it day 1. Maybe the Beta will change my mind.

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