A Not So Jolly Stroll Through Old London with The Order: 1886 | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: " would like to reiterate that the demo itself did not leave me with a poor impression of the game per se, primarily because it was so brief and unremarkable that it did not allow me to form an inspired opinion of how the final product will turn out. Nonetheless, based on what I played at E3, the main game will have to much more inspired. Still, I have confidence in the team at Ready at Dawn, who are taking the reins of their first original console IP after producing some of my favorite handheld games on the PSP."

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gamerfan09091586d ago

I have to say I'm 50/50 with this game. I love the concept, the monster i saw at E3 and the graphics are out of this world. But idk how I feel about the QTE combat and the gunplay looks beyond stiff and non fluid. Hopefully Sony releases a Beta or demo for it. I would love to see how it plays on a PS4 before purchasing.

3-4-51586d ago


I loved everything I've seen about this game so far to be honest.

I'm liking it for what it is, and not complaining about what it isn't.

* The animations, the cinematics that blend with gameplay, the look and time period/era, the technology..ect...

I can't wait to see more about it and learn more about these characters and their story.

Kurisu1585d ago

Yeah I'm looking forward to playing this for the story. What little I know about it so far sounds intriguing. I'll definitely be staying away from spoilers until I play this game myself in February.

Ryan7411585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

By all accounts this game has already been written off, Bloodborne is the new great white hope.

Kurisu1585d ago

Two different genres of games, can't really compare Bloodborne to this so you can't say this is "written off".

hankmoody1585d ago

The game sure looks nice but I'm not really seeing anything that makes it stand apart from other similar looking games.

Sgt_Slaughter1585d ago

That's what some companies need to understand...

Unique visuals can't hide a broken/bland/mediocre game forever, so the gameplay needs to back 'em up. (i.e. Crysis)

Not saying 1886 is that way, but from all indications, it's going to be. Who knows until the full game is out.

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