Wii U Weekly Deals: Zelda Wind Waker HD $34.99, Mario Kart 8 $48.76, LEGO The Hobbit $29.99 and more

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timothyckeegan1638d ago

Any one used the Pro U controller before? Is it good?

randomass1711638d ago

I have used one! It's a very nice controller. There's just a learning curve when adjusting to having the right stuck on the upper part of the controller. It'll take you twenty minutes to get used to it at the most. :)

christheredhead1638d ago

The pro controller is pretty good. I use it for Mario Kart and Donkey Kong. It feels comfy and the battery seems to last forever.

Alex_Boro1638d ago

Most comfortable controller since the xbox 360. Dpad is amazing but the triggers need to be pressure sensitive.

Xof1638d ago

It's okay. D-Pad placement is very odd. It's main drawing point is that it has a battery life of like 80 hours, versus the gamepad's 2.

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andrewsimons1638d ago

Few good deals for this week. Wind Waker HD definitely deserves $35

edgarohickman1638d ago

Never played any LEGO games before, are these games great?
Just checking a lot of these games are $10 off, which one is the best?

randomass1711638d ago

Played a few of them with coop on my friend's 360. They're very simplistic and repetitive, but they're comedic fun. Better for children than adults, I think.

SnakePlissken1638d ago

Best lego game to date would be lego marvel, hands down! Batman 2 is a good one! Fun games with really nice graphics.

Tom871638d ago

Mario Kart 8 + free Pikmin 3 for $49 is a sweet deal.

GamingSinceThe80s1638d ago

Yeah I can't believe you can already buy MK8 for $49.I rely need to learn to wait at least a few week's before buy any new games.Times have changed on how long they hold their value big time.I always feel like a sucker when I see deals like this so soon after a game comes out now day's.

lebr0n1638d ago

Here is what you can get for $500:

- PS4 + Watch Dogs + inFamous
- Xbox One + Kinect + Titanfall + Watch Dogs
- Wii U + Racing Wheel + Mario Kart 8 + Pikmin 3 (Free) + Wind Waker ($35) + Super Mario 3D World + ZombiU + Wonderful 101 + New Super Mario Bros. U ;)

randomass1711638d ago

Pfft, Wii U is still too much. :P Just kidding, I am going to go and snag Wind Waker out of this deal since my free game with MK8 was Pikmin 3 (really good btw).

Apollo11638d ago

Really great list and top games too.

Are_The_MaDNess1638d ago

soooooo getting a Wii U within the month with MK8 and Zelda.
sadly i dont know the digital prices for the other games i want tho >____<

Xof1638d ago

You forgot to add XBL/PS+ subscriptions for online.

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