LittleBigPlanet 3 E3 Preview – Swooping Oddsock Sackboy (PSLS)

"Player 1 was the traditional and iconic Sackboy, Player 2 was Oddsock, Player 3 had the role of the transformative Toggle, and Player 4 (that’s me!) got to play as Swoop. If you saw the level played on-stage during Sony’s E3 press conference, then you saw exactly what we played through. As Swoop, I was able to, ahem, swoop down and pick up any player I wanted." -PSLS

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Wedge191586d ago

What an awesome announcement and a great holiday title for the PS4.

Abash1586d ago

Definitely my most anticipated holiday PS4 game this year. Looking forward to playing it with friends and family, with also spending a lot of time collecting all the costumes and material in the levels

PeaSFor1586d ago

Oddsock is soooo derpy, i like it!

DigitalRaptor1586d ago


Gonna sink so many hours into this, it's untrue. Looking forward to seeing what network and controller features they throw into this one on the PS4 version.

T3mpr1x1586d ago

Yeah, when they announced a November release date I just about lost my $*&!

ftwrthtx1586d ago

Looking forward to this title. With all of the previous levels being compatible, this game will have endless hours of gameplay.

XiNarutoUzumaki1586d ago

Here will another 100+hours of my life go with this sequel.

Can't wait!

mushroomwig1585d ago

I look forward to the many arguments this game will bring between my girlfriend and me.

kingPoS1585d ago

The king of couch co op has returned! My thanksgiving will be once again 'be awesome'

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