Splatoon 60fps E3 Gameplay Video

Gamersyde puts up some of the first 60 frames per second gameplay video footage of Splatoon from the show floor at E3 2014.

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LaserEyeKitty1638d ago

Beautiful! This looks like it would be a ton of fun!

Septic1638d ago

This is one of my favourite games of E3. Gonna get a Wii U soon.

Judge_Rez1638d ago

This game looks AWESOME. And it's actually quite innovative. I've never heard about a game like this.

ZAF1638d ago

Best new IP on E3, looks really fun to play.

Activemessiah1638d ago

At least Nintendo is trying to get 60fps instead of making dumb excuses like "30fps is better than 60fps" because of lazy devs.

ZAF1638d ago

That's something i like about Nintendo, they prefer performance instead of pretty graphics.

But Splatoon has both so i can't complain xD

eferreira1638d ago

This game doesn't look like it's stressing the hardware to not achieve 60 fps.

Activemessiah1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Dead Rising 3 PC is 30fps locked... no excuses there because there's nothing to stress.

Kevlar0091638d ago

I really like the Valve vibe going on with this game. A simple game mechanic (ink) that can be applied in many different ways, reminds me of Portal which followed the same design concept.

For game modes I'd like to see Squids vs Humans, CTF, and a tag variant, among others.

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