Consoles vs PC, the Bigger Picture

The Consoles vs PC debate has been here for many years. In order to chose which one is best for you, here is list of pros and cons of each platform.

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Qrphe1589d ago

>The Consoles vs PC debate has been going around for a couple of years

You mean decades

>Most people now-a-days are choosing consoles over PCs mainly because...

[citation needed]


If I had to choose between the two, I would easily choose consoles. Just because there are more exclusive games that you cannot get anywhere else, except that respective console. Whether its Sony, MS, or Nintendo.

sorane1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

That's not true at all. PC has more exclusives than any console and probably every console combined. Just looking now at the top 30 selling Steam games and I only see 11 of those games on consoles. That's 19 exclusives just in the top 30.

lets_go_gunners1588d ago

There are tonnes of pc only titles. Maybe you're not fans of the genres but there is a big game gaming coming called Civ:Beyond Earth. Pc exclusives are not just limited to third person ation games or fps. It's comprised of many genres that can only thrive on a pc platform.

LightDiego1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I agree with you, i play on both and consoles exclusives are way better, some examples are: Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us, Little Big Planet, Halo, Gears of War, and tons of exclusives from Sony and Nintendo.
Mostly GOTY winners from past years belong to consoles, Sony won with Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2, Journey and The Last of Us. Microsoft with Gears of War and Nintendo with Super Mario Galaxy. The others multiplatforms you can also play on consoles.
@sorane : IOS and Android has even more exclusives than PC, i suppose they are better, right?

Deividas1588d ago

Seriously? think consoles have more exclusives than PC?...ummm

CYCLEGAMER1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Yes...consoles have more big exclusives that I want to play. I don't play games like Diablo, or league of legends which seems to be the types of exclusives that PC's have, along with a bunch of indie exclusives.

When PC gets more exclusives to the likes of games like Uncharted, GOW, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, Ryse, Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Cysis, Star Citizen, Infamous, Crackdown, The Order...THEN and only then will I take PC serious.

IMO PC's just have better looking multiplates and cheaper steam games.

sorane1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

It always breaks my heart when console people lists the so called "can't miss" exclusives. It's always the same list of made for kids with ADD mindless linear short third person action games with zero replay value. Really reflects the state of the world today and just proves that consoles are the place that innovation and thinking goes to die. I wouldn't trade my simple $4.99 game FTL for any of those games listed because at least I have to use my mind a bit in that game(except that pc exclusive Star Citizen you listed Mel).


Why all excpet Star Citizen? Is it because it is a pc exclusive? Come on dude!

This is not a sad state of gaming, I have felt this way for a LONG time. My first console was an Atari.

Nothing against PC gaming or its gamers, I just don't see the point in buying a 700+ gaming rig for MMO's Indies and prettier multiplats, when I can get all of those, plus the kinds of games I like along with the simplicity of my consoles.

What would a person like me need with a PC if I have all three consoles?? Between the 3, I have enough indies, the multiplates are functional, and there is no contest when it comes to the big exclusive titles (not into mmo's).

Again...not knocking PC's but I just don't see the value in them if you already own all three home consoles.

sorane1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )


"Why all excpet Star Citizen? Is it because it is a pc exclusive? Come on dude!"

Uhh no, it's because I know the size and scope of that game compared to the others you listed. I mean do you really think simple games like The Order, Infamous, Ryse, and GOW have 1/100th the depth of Star Citizen? 10 of the 14 games you listed aren't worth more than the day rental it would take to beat and forget them. I just saved you $600+ dollars that you can use on games with innovation and deep gameplay.

CYCLEGAMER1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )


At least I could rent or borrow those games and it would be worth it. If you are only a PC owner you cannot. Those are just games off the top of my head, there are plenty of console games with size, scope, depth and longevity like Mass Effect, Forza, Sunset Overdrive (will have depth with its multiplayer), other sports and fighting games...etc. Lets not play dumb here!

PC's are good for performance and cheap deals but the big exclusives just arent there yet. No need to take it personal/take offense, it is what it is.

user56695101588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I Dont see what's all the hype about. The only console that worth something is wiiU. Like Sorane said your listing over hyped games that does the sane thing over and over again with gfx that does look as good as PC. So moving fROM last you paid 400-900 for a gfx update. You update your two console to be close to how PC games look and because you know they are not going to support them for long.

Y'all say y'all these games so much every time but then go on to say we Dont care about BC.... what ??? Then people are talking how much better they THINK console exclusives are but constantly beg for our exclusives. Then go in rage mode and sign petitions to stop games that was born on PC (GTA)

I liked most of the games you posted but they arent as great as your making it out to be. I also find it weird that only time people praise a month game on this site is to counter PC gamer and we be the main group giving them props. Then ends with I Dont like MMOs (why console gamers use this as ammo like its the only genre we play) but will be in the h1z1 PS2 and ever quest article asking for a port

Seriously who you think won the e3 brofest?

Above mass effect is multi plat. Bioware was mainly and first PC devs most of them are PC gamers. Which I find odd when people say stuff like this. People worship these devs and Dont even look up their background. Seriously madden have depth they been milking this franchise for the long. They take away then add features. It take them 5yrs to take one step forward.

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Belasco1588d ago

Both, each has something to offer that the other does not. Playing a RTS game also doesn't work that well with a game pad.

matt1391588d ago

Halo wars worked fine.

Belasco1588d ago

Yes, but would have worked better with mouse and keyboard.

Dynasty20211588d ago

You posted this on N4G.

Nothing but naive, stubborn console gamers here.

brish1588d ago

You realize you're here right?

GamingTruth1588d ago

if theres nothing but, "stubborn console gamers here" then why are all the pc supporting comments getting so many agrees? cause this is a pc fanboy site like the rest of the internet

mysteryraz111588d ago

Pc gamers like you embarass yourselves, so nerdy and full of yourselfs, stupid geek

GodGinrai1588d ago

Oh wow...are you PC gamers gonna let Mysteryraz11 talk about you guys like that? with his two bubbles? What are you guys gonna do about it?

mysteryraz111588d ago

Lol pc fanboys cant handle criticism I aint got nothing against it but you guys always seem to be the 1s starting these fights, console or pc just enjoy both, stop fighting over them

user56695101588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

He says this then worships one of the nerdest people in the game industry Mark Cerny... the irony.
Console gamers are walking contradictions. You know most of people in this industry is what YOU would call a geek. Idiot waste of sperm

Naw its most console gamers that can't handle it mostly fanboys on this site. You say anything wrong about their console or state fact they act crazy. The go into their listing modes and spread disinformation to keep other ignorant. The most out right bs I have read was from console gamers and most of the time they was fighting each otherother.

We accept criticism that why PC strive at a better rate. How you think console have betas. How you think indie and mod come grow into ssomething so big. Y'all keep telling yourself that. That why we the only notice how stale gaming is getting and y'all keep asking for ports while not saying anything.

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