Nintendo Selling Refurbished 3DS For $95 and 3DS XL For $135

If you were waiting for a price cut before buying a 3DS now is the time to get one. These 3DS’s are sold directly by Nintendo and they come with a one year warranty.

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randomass1711675d ago

Should I go off on a limb and assume that people think this is too expensive too? XD

Randostar1675d ago

Well they do come with a one year warranty, and getting 65$ off a 3DS XL will most likely be enough incentive for someone who was on the fence about it to actually buy one. Smart move on Nintendo's part.

animegamingnerd1675d ago

if i had the money i would so finally get an XL

RexDD1675d ago

I would so buy this! Why am I so broke right now?