Did Nintendo Kill the E3 Press Conference?

Alex St-Amour from 3GEM writes: "As it happens every June, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony gathered gaming journalists from far and wide, put them in an auditorium, and presented to them the games and updates that would mark their platforms for the foreseeable future. There they showed them trailers, gameplay, announcements, statistics, and attempts at humor in an attempt to get the best press and PR coming out of gaming’s biggest week. The problem is that while they were busy winning over journalists, Nintendo was busy winning over gamers."

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SpiralTear1586d ago

I doubt Sony and Microsoft will follow Nintendo's lead, but I really liked the, as the article said, "personal" element that allowed for Robot Chicken sketches and GIF fuel like the Iwata Vs. Reggie fight. The latter was especially hilarious.

And I still like how Nintendo was able to extend the announcements beyond the set time slot of a press conference. Kept things lively and full of anticipation. Being immune to the potential flubs of live conferences helped too.

While I don't think Sony and Microsoft will change their tune to this format, I hope Nintendo does something similar to what they did this year for the next E3 too.

fr0sty1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Sony is already tip-toeing in that direction with the PS4 E3 app they released. I see eventually morpheus being integrated in, and then the need for a press conference disappears. A VR press conference is held instead, and the people with 2D screens can watch as observers. Then a fully modeled E3 booth afterwards for people to play game demos in via PS now.

That has interesting implications as well. Do you then have a need for E3 at all? Or even the journalists that report on it? The gamer gets the experience delivered right to their console and experiences it in VR.

ShinMaster1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I don't see why Sony or Microsoft couldn't have those types of sketches and developer videos play on the giant screens at their conferences in between game announcements if they wanted to without limiting it to a digital only event. We saw a bit of that during the PS4 reveal.

I think most of us are still looking forward to not only next year's E3 but other conferences like Gamescom and TGS.
A live event is always a bit more exciting than something that's pre-baked(so to speak).

fr0sty1585d ago

Look at how many people got excited by Nintendo's presser, it was pre-baked.

randomass1711586d ago

Nah, they haven't killed it but I wouldn't mind seeing Sony and Microsoft copycat the Treehouse live streaming approach. Getting live demos of the cool games you saw during the conference and watching them in motion was a very welcome treat in my eyes and it made the digital event leave a much bigger impression on me. Nintendo should continue doing these digital events since it's easier for them to have their Japanese developers talk to us western gamers... also Robot Chicken skits. <3

WeAreLegion1586d ago

Didn't Sony livestream demos the whole time, too? I was watching them do it at E3.

ShinMaster1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

As I said above, I don't see why Sony or Microsoft couldn't have sketches or developer videos play on the giant screens at their conferences if they wanted to. It doesn't have to be limited to a digital only event.
Sony had some developer interviews during the PS4 reveal. I think MS may have too(all I remember from that was the COD fish AI). They could easily expand on that.

Geobros1586d ago

Nintendo always innovates but I don't think that Sony/M$ will follow here...

wonderfulmonkeyman1586d ago

Nintendo killed it at E3, but I doubt they've convinced MS and Sony to follow in their footsteps.
Not for at least another 5 or so years, if not longer.
Conferences are like a tradition, and those are really hard to break free of.

johndoe112111585d ago

Nothing is wrong with conferences so I don't see why anyone should break free of anything. The sony conference last year was one of the most memorable conferences in E3 history, do you think it would have had the same impact if it were pre-recorded? Hell no. Not because nintendo had a good show this year means it is the better way to do things.

wonderfulmonkeyman1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Sony's show last year was memorable for two reasons:
#1 because it was new hardware.
#2 because they catered to the console war fanboys by taking the mickey out of Microsoft at every turn possible.

The fact that they did it via conference had absolutely nothing to do with the way they dominated; the majority of people viewing that presentation did so online. That's where all the hype came from, not so much the audience, because the audiences have been scaled down dramatically in size and reaction quality ever since the conferences went press-only.

I can virtually guarantee you that most of the hype came from people watching it online and reacting with their fellows; the crowd reaction from the press wasn't even nearly as big a factor as all of the chat rooms exploding all over the internet when Sony kept delivering KO after KO to Micro.XD

At this point, it wouldn't even matter if Sony and Micro went digital; they'd still be able to garner tons of press with the right announcements.
Of course, it would be smart if they supplemented it with some way of doing a show for a larger public crowd alongside the internet reactions.
Sony did something with theaters, but we didn't get to see those huge theaters full of people reacting to the stuff live.
Nintendo, however, did that tournament with over two thousand attendee's.
That's a crowd that can increase hype; if Sony or Microsoft did something like that next year instead of a down-scaled press conference, in addition to their digital streams, they'd get a better reaction.

InTheLab1585d ago


You start off by listing reasons why Sony's conference was memorable then assume that the same reaction would have happened with everyone at home. That's where you're wrong.

Nintendo did the same bit last year minus the comedy. What was good about that conference? Easisly forgotten.

As for the fanboy part, that was for consumers...not people like you. Sony did that for all gamers and it worked. With Nintendo being largely irrelavant in the console space, it was up to Sony to reject those
awful policies and win one for the gamer.

Errefus1586d ago

Nintendo did great, The E3 presentation was way better than any Direct, i hope they continue with the same format like E3, being funny and get to the point.

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