Immersive Next-Gen Space Exploration Game, Adr1ft, is Being Developed Using Unreal Engine 4

OnlySP: According to a tweet by ThreeOneZero, the developer of the upcoming next-generation space exploration game, ADR1FT, the game will be developed using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

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gamerfan09091683d ago

SPOnly looks like your boy Thuway hasn't been as active on twitter since getting exposed. Lol these guys are frauds. Glad to see them called out. Btw, Thuway, you're a doctor right? Why isn't there any one by your name that practices medicine? Do you lie about that also?

PockyKing1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Huh? What are you going on about? We don't even report on Thuway.

Edit: It's OnlySP btw :P

gamerfan09091683d ago

Oh sorry I mistook you guys for that site Dualshockers.

No_Limit1683d ago

Dude, you must be mistaken spOnly with Dualshockers and PockyKing with Abriael.

gamerfan09091683d ago

Yeah i made a mistake lol. For some reason I thought OnlySP was the place that posted about that dude 24/7

PockyKing1683d ago

Sall good. The only "insider" we report on is Shinobi and Superannuation :)