4 Big Concerns About Destiny After Playing The Alpha

Destiny is a gorgeous shooter that deftly mixes open-world exploration, co-op missions and head-to-head multiplayer. The layering of MMO-like progression on top of traditional shooter elements is going to thrill many gamers.

Still, there were some aspects of Destiny that could prevent the game from being one of the top releases of the year.

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UnderpaidTurtle2210d ago

I don't think that the story will have much of an impact on whether the game succeeds or not. Don't get me wrong, I love a compelling story, but I am, and I assume most people are, going into Destiny for the multiplayer and co-op.

-Foxtrot2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

Well I'm going into it because of the story, the online/co-op dosen't really bother me.

Story should come first because friends aren't always online while the main campaign will always be there.

For a game which is supposed to have a 10 year plan, you would want it to be memorable.

Bungie has done a fantastic job with Halo in terms of it's story and mytho.

blitz06232210d ago

The alpha was mainly for trying out the co-op/pvp. You can't really question the story when they didn't include any in the first place.

-Foxtrot2210d ago


I wasn't really questioning it like the article I was just replying to UnderpaidTurtle comment.

Shadonic2210d ago

He has concerns about a story he hasnt even started yet... guess I'll right an article about Battlefield Hardlines story elements now based off the beta.

Rickgrimes952210d ago

I have to say I'm playing for story and I'm a huge fan of peter dinklage but it seems like for destiny he just took his paycheck an blandly read his lines. Not necessarily saying it's his fault but it's that's what I'm gonna be hearing the whole game I'm not too excited

jmac532210d ago

@rickgrimes he is reading for a AI so I would assume he is supposed to come across as dry and robotic.

blitz06232210d ago

Sorry my comment was directed at the writer of the article

IcarusOne2209d ago


I might get flamed for this, but maybe Destiny is just revealing that Dinklage isn't actually that good of an actor - or voice actor at least. If you just listen to his lines in GOT, they all kind of sound the same - whether he's supposed to be happy, sad, angry, whatever.

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Tetsujin2210d ago

I have a question for those in the alpha (since I didn't get an invite);

Was there a mention of keeping your characters created through the Alpha/Beta towards the final game? I ask because I have a code to enter the beta when it's released; not that will change my decision but I want to be prepared just in case for either scenario.

OrangePowerz2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

No mention about keeping the character. Since the the character in the Alpha started at level 4 I don't see them carrying that character over.

Phene2210d ago

Yeh the alpha is definitely not carrying over. I think it was positioned for you to try all 3 classes (which I did) in a quick way. The beta may carry over, but I expect them to follow suit and perhaps do a level cap at 15 for the beta.

Tetsujin2210d ago

Ok thanks for answering.

Madderz2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )


"I have a code to enter the beta when it's released"

If I'm not mistaken, you use the code now on Bungies website and register the code. Not wait until it's announced.

At least that's how it worked with mine.

Just a heads up, wouldn't want you missing the Beta bud.

Edit: OT I've been hearing that the beta (17 July) will run right up until launch (09 September). That seems a bit long for a beta to me? Does anyone know if this is true?

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jjb19812210d ago

I believe the same. I enjoyed grinding through the tough waves of aliens and so did my partners because it took us 5 tries. I think the co-op will make it a success. It's a really fun game in my opinion and I can't wait to jump into the beta next.

TheGrimReaper00112209d ago

I'm going into Destiny cause it reminds me of Borderlands

Speaking of, I haven't got the chance to play the beta or at any demo stand or anything.

What sort of game is this? Is it open world, quests and shoot and loot game? Or an FPS mass effect kind of thing?

liquidhalos2209d ago

The Alpha didn't leave me with any concerns. I just saw it as an opportunity to see if i liked the basic style of the game or not. Im really looking forward to getting the game, im also looking forward to seeing the evolution of the game starting with the alpha spanning over the next 10 years.

With Destiny and all the other great games announced at E3 its going to be a great few years for us.

ArchangelMike2209d ago

Yeah, for me too it's about the gameplay and story first, before the multiplayer and co-op stuff. ALthough I have to admit that I loved the idea of fireteams, I just hope they allow you to communicate in some meaningful way beyond dancing at each other. Destiny will probably end up being my go-to FPS shooter though.

Anon19742209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

I doubt I'll even play this online. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I'm a fan of shooters with a strong single player campaign. Multiplayer has always been secondary to me, if it's ever a consideration. I the entire reason I played (and enjoyed) the Halo games was I love the universe and story they created. Sure, it was kinda b-movie sci-fi stuff, but that didn't mean it wasn't a blast to play through. I'm hoping for something at least as good as that for Destiny.

Trekster_Gamer2209d ago

I am hoping the story is deep and immersive. I also hope it takes at long time to complete everything.

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tkato2210d ago

The writer is a little confused about the nature of Heavy ammo in Destiny, he thinks it's somekind of power-up when it is just a type of ammo @[email protected]
Destiny Alpha convinced me it's gonna be an epic game, just my 2 cents.

UnHoly_One2209d ago

He didn't say anything like that, he just said it was rare.

Implying that maybe the higher level players have a good Heavy weapon, but if the ammo is rare they can't run around using it all the time.

averagejoe262210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

I don't understand how anyone could possibly be worried about the story when all we have is an extremely limited alpha.

Also your concerns about the arena are exactly what make it so awesome and unique. That's exactly what will make it stand out instead of the typical, bland matchmaking you would have preferred.

I know it's all opinion but I simply couldn't disagree more.

WalterWJR2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

Considering you can play the alpha for a fair few hours without seeing any story line except a narrator reading meaningless lines I can relate to this article.

I don't want to play a game for hours on end with no storyline. I am going to play the beta before I decide to cancel my order though.

randomass1712209d ago

I reckon the alpha is just for testing gameplay. Heck the beta is probably the same exact thing but on a grander scale. Unless your character carries over to the full game, I wouldn't expect a whole lot of story in either the alpha or the beta.

Shadonic2210d ago

So let me get this straight, He's worried about story even though he hasnt been truly introduced to a single story character in the alpha at all and he's worried about it ? This of all of them just seems like it was crammed in just to take up space. I agree with his concerns on MP thought from what I've experienced in MP it works out well. I kinda agree on the boss fights, the spider is already menacing due to the damage it does, I think it needs to move more and make the players move around more.

patsrule3162210d ago

For the author's concerns:

1) Story and voice acting: First off, complaining that Peter Dinkledge sounded bored is very unfair. He is playing a robot. Just because he didn't ham it up like claptrap, doesn't mean it was a bad performance. He sounded like a robot, but did put inflection when the situation called for it...especially during the story mission when he sensed a lot of movement ahead. As for the story, I think they kept the story out of the Alpha completely. It may be a concern, but not because of the Alphs, just a concern in general. We'll see, I guess.
2) Balance. I agree with above where the author either misstated or was confused about heavy ammo. The real balance issue was the vehicles. Whoever got in the tank like vehicle on the moonbase pretty much rolled through everybody else. We'll have to see in the final product.
3) RPG Shooter. I can definitely see where the author is coming from here. But in single player, the same thing happened in Borderlands from time to time. For competitive multiplayer, I sure hope they have some kind of system where level 1 players can't go against level 30, because if the same system is used in the full game as the alpha, that kind of level difference would be a disaster.
4) Microtransactions. There were no hints at microtransactions in the alpha, so that should not be a concern from the alpha. If you are concerned about it, it is a general concern, and shouldn't be a part of an article stating it is concerns raised by the alpha.

MysticStrummer2210d ago

I haven't played the game at all, but watching videos also has me thinking Dinklage sounds very flat. Not like a robot… flat.

ArchangelMike2209d ago

I got into the Alpha and he does sound flat. I don't get why they did not add a robotic inflection to his voice (ala Legion in Mass Effect). Same goes for the voice in the multiplayer matches, it needs a metallic or robotic inflection. Without it it just sounds like a dude whose bored calling out the scores.

XtraTrstrL2210d ago

On point 2-Balance, I agree about the damn moon. I hate it just because you know everyone's gonna rush for the killing machines, rather than shoot it out, cuz alot of them suck.

The article mentions concerns on balance in the Crucible because the devs mentioned that gear carries over. I'm pretty sure they also mentioned that lots of the stuff is gonna just be cosmetic when you go into Crucible, not every overpowered weapon and armor is gonna have the same attributes while in Crucible, the stats will be balanced differently in competitive mp. I'm pretty sure that's what they said, it has it's own balance that'll keep it a level playing field.

jmac532210d ago

I agree with that tank in MP. Way over-powered.

ThatOneGuyThere2209d ago

its a boss fight, in an RPG. what did you expect?

Gazondaily2209d ago


Hes talking about the tank vehicle in multiplayer. I don't know how you got confused there as he said it pretty clearly.

jonatan2212210d ago

I can agree with the tank being overpowered, but I also feel the turrets are kind of overpowered too! Specially the one near zone B.

OldSchoolGamer2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Honestly its just like halo and the tank is balanced fine. There are 4 ways to deal with a tank. 1 you snipe the driver in the head (then proceed to walk up get in and roll death, which I did numerous times). 2 you get in one of the ghost vehicles and shoot it while running circles around it or using terrain. 3 hop onto a turret and mow it down in 1.5 seconds. 4 pickup a heavy ammo drop and rocket launcher said tank into oblivion.


As for post alpha it was readily apparent that different pvp modes would have advantages on and off, so you will always be able to pick one to suit which you prefer.

My biggest complaint was press the square to respawn or you can wait ten seconds. More of an unneccessary annoyance than anything.

The scarab fight was a long epic battle, but thats what it was meant to be. Hint there are different weakspots throughout the fight at different times.

Overall pretty amazing game, but seriously it is halo next gen and nothing more. My preorder is in, but if you actually played Halo and are not just a rabid antiHalo fanboy and did not like halo, I would not recommend the game for you.

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