Study: 8th-gen consoles are re-energizing the video game market

A recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) shows a projected 85 percent increase in wholesale revenue for home video game consoles in 2014.

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Geobros1584d ago

Interesting Study. I was a little bit surprised: "more than half of gamers (54 percent) learn the most about games from friends"

UltimateMaster1584d ago

And who said video games were dead?

andibandit1584d ago

I dont think it was ever dying, console manufacturers just waited for toolong to release a new generation

MasterCornholio1584d ago

Word of mouth is an extremely effective marketing tool especially with the explosion of social media that we had over the past few years.

ritsuka6661584d ago

This gen is already much better than last one.

ABizzel11584d ago

That's because it's a transitional generation, and the transitional generations are always great, because it's all about making games instead of spending tons of R&D learning how to program the the consoles.

NES: New gen

SNES & Gensis: Transitional Gen for 2D gaming (considered a great)

N64 / PS1 / Saturn: The 3D Revolution

GC / PS2 / DC / XBox: Transitional Gen for 3D gaming (consider a great, especially PS2)

PS3, XB360, Wii: HD Gen, Get Fit craze (Wii was still transitional, while PS360 weren't)

PS4 / XBO / Wii U: Transitional Gen for HD console

The transitional gens are always great, because it's the 2nd go round for master what the previous consoles were striving for. At least that's how I see it.

mkis0071583d ago

Very much like the tick tock schedule intel uses for their cpu architectures.

kamisama1584d ago

I am absolutely loving this gen.

mhunterjr1584d ago

I'm not sure why economists don't get this... It's the same trend EVERY generation. The market shrinks as the consoles reach their twilight years, then new consoles come out and there's growth again. As the console prices reach mass market appeal, sales continue to grow. Then the market gets saturated and it shrinks again.

JBSleek1584d ago

Yes but this historic adoption so quickly though.

mhunterjr1584d ago

Right. I'm speaking to the idea that gaming was 'doomed' simply because overall sales shrunk leading up to the next gen launches. Analysts wrongly took it to mean console gaming was losing popularity.

HollywoodLA1584d ago

It's been amazing so far.


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