Watch Dogs vs GTA: 4 Ways Watch Dogs Comes Out on Top

Josh of GeeksPodcast runs down 4 ways that Watch Dogs bests GTA!

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ArchangelMike2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I read your title read like - "Watchdogs vs GTA 4" lol.

OT I think Rockstar still hold the crown with GTA V, but I do think Ubisoft set the bar really high with Watchdogs, and have shown that it has the potential to innovate and surpass GTA.

There are also many ways that GTA V surpass Watchdogs. GTA games have always been about all out fun factor, satire, and outlandish criminality. I would argue that GTA is a more 'fun' game to play overall, but that is very subjective.

I think that GTA V also has more interesting characters, and character interactions, be they between main characters or side characters. The incidental missions and events are also brilliantly done.

There's alot that can be said for both games, but overall I think the next installments of both games will be very telling,interms of which will be the better games going forward (afterall GTA V is getting abit long in the tooth now).

iamnsuperman2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I think GTA does satire fairly poorly. In the past GTA's satire was quite good but now it doesn't know what it is trying to be. Also I thought GTA V's characters were poorly done which is a shame since GTA 4 actually got the part mostly right (but more so in the ballad of gay tony).

I think the GTA franchise has a become a bit stagnant and I feel GTA V showed a worrying lack of direction for the series. I feel Watch Dogs (as a series) has the most potential (I see Watch Dogs being like Assassin's creed 1 in the AC universe) and Rockstar should look at Watch Dogs (as a franchise) as a serious threat and up their game (I think they have become complacent).

A side note but my god both of these games suffer from filling the open world with guff. It needs to stop.

rodiabloalmeida2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

In which universe, Trevor is a poorly done character? Just to mention one. And the gameplay using 3 distinct chars, also been able to alternate between them in real time, a thing that even Kojima kinda do envy in a sort of way. Watch Dogs does not come even close. It's just a overhyped clone.

starchild2216d ago

I dislike the blatant criminality of the GTA games. I don't find any of the GTA5 characters to be likable at all.

iamnsuperman2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )


Okay, there is no character development/progression from any of the protagonists. A story with no character development is just poor.

Franklin is by far the most pointless protagonist of the three. He doesn't say or do anything except tag along. He doesn't have any depth to him. There is nothing to say about him because he does nothing

Michael also lacks depth. His set up was pretty good but it is never explored in any real depth. He and Trevor have no chemistry either (I will go onto in a minute) because there is nothing to them except playing stereotypes. Michael is possibly the true protagonist in the story as it is really his story. Despite this Michael doesn't develop as a character

Which then leads me to Trevor. Trevor is the best out of the three but like the other two lacks depth. He is basically a typical GTA user but as a character he does little more than just being crazy. That isn't a developed nor a well written character. Apart from being crazy what is Trevor? He isn't humorous as he spends the entire game whining at Michael, nor does he make any sense to the story at hand (the most out of place character in GTA V's story)

Using the three character design choice ultimately meant we are left with 3 partly developed characters instead of one that is fully developed.

But that doesn't mean Watch Dog's protagonist is better. I was just sharing my two cents about the first comment

wsoutlaw872216d ago

I actually like the way gta v handled the 3 characters. It alowed you to feel like you were observing all of these crazy characters like a movie and not they were "you". A steady character development is hard in a gta game because of the order things can be done in and the fact that you spend a lot of time with the character doing whatever you like even if the character wouldn't do that. On a whole Gta is just so much beter than watch dogs. The hacking could have been something great but its very shallow and the world and characters have no life. There was also such a higher attention to the smaller details in gta

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Tetsujin2216d ago

I see both games differently, and both are good in their own merit. The way I see it, if you want something a little more serious, and something that "can" actually happen in real life, Watch Dogs. If you want satire, parodies, and mindless fun, GTA.

UnderpaidTurtle2216d ago

I came in to this article wanting to see: the police chases are better in Watch Dogs. I am leaving satisfied.

Pintheshadows2216d ago

I like getting into a siege situation with the police on the roof of the motel near Pawnee. The police do not mess about in Watch Dogs.

patsrule3162216d ago

One way it doesn't...Having your game stuck on 90% loading, so you can't play it until a patch comes out.

JoyiusHammer2216d ago

Only bar Ubisoft set is the bar for false advertising, creating hype, and lying on stage publicly.

sameerhusain2216d ago

What the hell, are you serious? I haven't yet read the article, just the title. You're comparing a 6 year old game with a newly released one? And gloating that the new one won?

Heres a tip, compare it with GTA V once its out on the PC

Liamabob2216d ago

It's just Watch_Dogs vs GTA.

Not GTA 4.

liquidhalos2216d ago

Lol, read the title again carefully

Bathyj2216d ago

Here's another tip. Stay in school.

annus2216d ago

Heres a tip, read the article before commenting on the article.

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