Game Tangents Podcast 84: The Xbox E3 Triumph

Game Tangents welcomes prolific internet video game and anime video creator Ross Faries to the show for the very first time. Also, Helen returns and the group dissects what is left over from E3. Now Game Tangents doesn't pick winners and losers from E3, but this year's event was very disappointing overall. Nintendo's showing was strong, but was it enough? Microsoft really did bring the games, but did they erase the stigmas they've incurred over the last year? All questions are answered in this E3 Blowout Special!

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lifeisgamesok2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Microsoft is the E3 champion

RIP_Weazel2209d ago

Well, I think we all know....
..they're the Champions of your heart.

christocolus2209d ago

I don't see any reason for the low attacks. The article is an xbox article and also talks about xbox winning e3.can't he agree with it? Or isnt lifesagame entitled to his opinions anymore? Dude there's no need for that.

Realplaya2209d ago

What award did they win?
Ribbon or trophy?

2209d ago
sebzhd2209d ago

lol, M$ wins what? a kinect less console to save their face.
PS4 is The king of the 8th generation.