Let's Play: Destiny Alpha

A few of the editors at Middle of Nowhere Gaming made a 6 part Let's Play series out of the Destiny Alpha this weekend. Check it out!

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osborn20091584d ago

This game is FREAKING FUN.

ConkersBFD1584d ago

Wow, that's a lot of customization. Go Bungie.

osborn20091584d ago

The game felt like Halo, but with crazy amounts of customization. Bungie did an awesome job.

TiberusX871584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I was genuinely surprised at how fun this game was to play. I went in with no expectations, and now I can't wait until the Beta. It's amazing what realistic expectations can do. Fun.

lmcontaldi1584d ago

I agree -- the alpha blew me away. I wasn't really considering purchasing the game close to launch. Now it is my most anticipated Fall game

GuruMeditation1584d ago

Same here. Destiny was barely on my radar; but having tried the Alpha, it's jumped into the upper echelons of my most anticipated. Game just feels right.

osborn20091584d ago

That is pretty much how I feel. While it's not my most anticipated, I will definitely be picking it up now. Before the Alpha, I hadn't really even considered it.

Guy1051584d ago

Stuff like this makes me glad I purchased the game when they announced the release date

drowninginmadness1584d ago

At least this game seems to live up to the hype. It will be good to play another Bungie game.