Bloodborne: New Info on PS4 Hardware Advantages, Death Penalty, Offline Gameplay, Worldwide Release

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne impressed many at E3, and today Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki shared more information about the game in an interview on Dengeki Online.

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madworld3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

for the people who didn't see gameplay or who has any kind of Doubt he should to see this leaked gameplay


just phenomenon

Abash3388d ago

I have never been interested in the Souls games, I understand they are good but they just never appealed to me. The new setting though and the faster paced gameplay with weapons such as guns though....well, From Software easily won me over.

I cant imagine anyone looking at the gameplay footage and seeing those visuals and atmosphere with not wanting to play it

ThunderSpark3388d ago

Abash, you don't know what you are missing. Demon's souls is still one of my favorite games this generation and I know Bloodbourne is next. PS4 has another killer exclusive on its hands and it's great to know Sony is keeping up with tradition and bringing continuous high quality exclusives. Good to be a gamer.

mogwaii3388d ago

I dont want to be one of those guys but although that footage was nice i didnt see anything next gen about it, hopefully by the time its released it will.

ZodTheRipper3388d ago

Everything I hear, read and see about this games screams awesome. This might turn out to be my new favourite game of all time, at the moment it's still Demon's Souls =)

Swiftcricket3388d ago

I was super excited about this game the months before E3, but then when there were rumors about the gun I got a little worried. When it actually showed up in the E3 trailer I got REALLY worried. But then they explained how it doesn't work like a traditional gun at all and now I'm back in full hype mode lol.

itisallaboutps3388d ago

I know. And sony has been really picky about the final product i expect this to be the best souls game yet. Ds2 was a dissapointment

Clown_Syndr0me3387d ago

I don't want to be the only guy who doesn't like this, but I hate Dark Souls. & watching that gameplay I see nothing but a hack and slash with a bit of shooting? I understand the combat on these games is more complex than that Im just saying it LOOKs like that.
The CGI trailer was amazing. The atmosphere, characters, setting all of it got me pumped, until I realised what game it was form not for me Im afraid. Id love to see a proper RPG type game in that setting. Ill probably rent it just to see more cutscenes like that!

iDadio3387d ago

This went straight to the top of my most wanted. I have a few friends who just can't get into it but each to their own :)

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Abriael3388d ago

That's actually quite old. It was about a month old when the first project beast leak happened, so it's not very representative of the game.

This is newer:

xtremexx3388d ago

this looks a lot better

killzone6193388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )


lol it looks promising but not enough gameplay shown to come to that conclusion.

ZodTheRipper3387d ago

Don't worry about gameplay, if there's any developer who naila fun, rewarding gameplay it's FROM. This is a GOTY 2015 candiate already.

Magicite3388d ago

this game will be a system seller no doubt

SilentNegotiator3387d ago

It's like the RE4 atmosphere, except 10 times as disturbing. That last creature was like something from my nightmares.

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breakpad3388d ago

if it was always online i wouldnt buy it for sure ..online features are good but must not be obligatory..also if you consider how irritating was Demons souls single player when you were online , offline option is a necessity

SpinalRemains1383388d ago


I love it like that. You're out adventuring and someone interrupts your game and then its lit. Its on. Let that bastard have some!

breakpad3388d ago

i didnt say that online play was not good , it was indeed innovative and fun (after you have finished the game) ..but that kind of online play (other player invade your world) it should be always optional

MEGANE3387d ago

It was dude! what r u talking about. Unless u were only looking for blue phantoms to help u, but that was the best part.
Nothing in the past 6 years has rush my hearth like that big red sing " YOU BEEN INVADED".
One of the best games ever.

DragonKnight3388d ago

What the hell are you talking about? For starters, online is what has made the Souls series successful. The innovation it brought was never seen before and we are now seeing other games implementing it.

Second, half a Souls game is the online. You remove a lot from playing offline.

Third, there isn't a Souls game in existence that doesn't allow you to play offline.

And finally, nothing about Demon's Souls was irritating.

Darrius Cole3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I disagree with that. The penalty for dying in Demon's Souls stopped me from getting into the game. Playing carefully to get all the way to the boss, only to lose all my progress be forced to play the level over from the very beginning if I died, was very irritating, and frankly, unreasonable.

You are naturally going to die at a lot of boss battles. It's a poor boss that never kills his opponents. A"re-start level with no currency aquirred" penalty is too much.

Ashunderfire863388d ago

Yep Watchdogs has this online feature as well, but Demon/Dark Souls does it better.

LOGICWINS3388d ago

Darius, I have to agree. I tried to get into Demon Souls after I got it for free from PS Plus. Going all the way back to the beginning of the level after dying was just ludicrous. I suppose it adds to the sense of excitement when you actually beat the level, but that sense of excitement isn't worth the 2-3 hours of frustration leading up to it.

It looks like From Software is trying to rectify these issues. Obviously they thought that something was wrong with the original system if they are looking to tone things down this time around.

Obviously it will still be challenging, but when I die, I want to feel like I want to try again...not delete the game from my hard drive like I did with Demon Souls.

opoikl3388d ago

@ Darrius

Sure, you lose the souls you collected up to that point, but any item you found is kept safe in your inventory so it's not like you're really being set back by the game's design.

Apart from the fact that you actually learn the lay-out of every level while dying repeatedly, they each have their own shortcuts you can discover through exploring or backtracking a little bit and even then most of the enemies can be skipped by sprinting straight towards the boss battle if your char is up for the challenge.

Also, thanks to the Nexus as hub world, you can easily try another world if a particular one seems to be unsurmountable, even if it's for farming purposes only..

Demon's Souls really stands apart from the other Souls Games IMO and I can't wait to see if Bloodborne can fill its shoes.

DragonKnight3388d ago

It's not unreasonable, it's the game. It's an homage to the old school games that didn't hold your hand. What form of punishment for failing would you suggest? None?

VsAssassin3387d ago

@Darrius and Logic: I'm sorry to hear that the core mechanic of death in Demon's Souls scared you away; I guess this is the reason why From's Souls series have been considered a niche title.

That said, this core mechanic is also what makes the game excellent for a lot of people; otherwise, From won't be making Bloodborne now.

I guess modern games these days can be blamed somewhat - with all the handholding, ease of access, and all that.

Having said all that, I applaud From Software for staying true to their original vision, which dates back to the first King's Field game. I believe that this is what makes them a revolutionary developer in this era as they do not conform with the modern approach of games.

zero_gamer3387d ago

Games these days are just way too easy and forgiving. Not to mention, death in most games these days are caused by dumb reasons, and are just a major annoyance that sets you back between 30 seconds to like a few minutes. I find this irritating. In Demon's Souls, death is something to really be afraid of and keeps the game experience more interesting and suspenseful. If you die, it's for a damn good reason.

Darrius Cole3387d ago


It didn't scare me away. It frustrated me to the point that I quit. I bought the game new the day it released. RPG's are long and when I can play I can only play for a few hours at a time.

I had days where I played a level carefully so as not to die and lost my souls, died an hour in, played for another hour, die about one room short of my prior blood stain and be out of gaming time, two+ hours played, zero progress made.

Eventually I saw that it just wasn't worth risking the time to play it.

Clown_Syndr0me3387d ago

Haven't played Demons but Dark Souls was very irritating to me.
I prefer a more casual experience, and Dark Souls was too demanding and frustrating to me. Its just a matter of opinion, to some it will not be irritating and to others it will render the game unplayable.

MetaReapre3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

@Darrius & Logic
The death penalty was there to make you fear death. It would make you plan carefully and keep you on your toes. If it wasn't worth losing all your souls at the boss you could farm for a bit in order for those lost souls to not mater. Also, every boss had at least one weakness that if you used to your advantage you could easily win. It's fair to say the game was not easy, but that's the part that made it so successful, but the death penalty was not too much. It required a lot of thinking and careful planning.

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Aghashie3387d ago

I understand what u mean. Invading or being invaded is something u never get use to. There is always that jump in ur chest, that deep breath on the thought that u will die if u do something stupid on PVP combat.

I did a lot of PVP on DaS1 and now I am doing even more on DaS2... and I still love it! I know this is a matter of opinion. Just dare to embrace it, learn from mistakes, upgrade equipment and fight smart. And always bear in mind, there is no absolute build, so u will find people who exploits ur weaknesses to get u down. Don't frown, is the same thing u do to get others down. Haha! Enjoy :)