Dragon Ball Xenoverse Hopes to be the Perfect Game for Fans | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Karl Koebke: "The most recently announced Dragon Ball title is supposed to be the ultimate Dragon Ball video game, and based on what I saw at Bandai Namco this E3 it might just live up to those lofty expectations."

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Abash1683d ago

I have to say, it's the most exciting looking DBZ game in years. With the new movie DBZ: Battle of Gods releasing in theaters across NA and this promising new game, it's safe to say we are in the middle of a Dragon Ball Z renaissance

SegaGamer1682d ago

This video shows that there is nothing new to see really. They may as well have called it Raging Blast 3, because that is basically what it is. It has the same punch combo's, same attacks, same fighting arena's. It just looks like the same game but for next gen consoles.

I want something different when it comes to DBZ, not the same thing over and over again.

PositiveEmotions1683d ago

And u will be able to transform in mid combos ^_^..

Well that is what I got from the article.

The_Truth_24_71683d ago

From what I've seen, it's far from it. Looks ok but I'll pass.

nope1111683d ago

It certainly looks good and i don't even like DBZ.

Baka-akaB1683d ago

Not in my book , i see further milking of past concept i didnt even like ... and desperate moves like a new (and most likely bad , didnt learn from GT eh ?) storyline to keep it fresh

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