Top 10 new IPs featured at E3 2014

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Metallox1589d ago

ScaleBound was a CGI trailer, come on.

alexkoepp1589d ago

I don't get the hype behind No Man's Sky.

"here i am walking around looking at trees and animals, now I go up into space in my spaceship and have a meaningless and boring space battle, now I drop into a planets atmosphere and land, now I get out and look at some fish, now im getting back in my spaceship, now im involved in another meaningless space battle... repeat..."

What's the allure? Game looks boring as ####

Vegetarianshark1588d ago

@alexkoepp Good, I want unimaginative and uninspired people like you to stay away from those type of games and keep jerking off to dudebro shooters like Cod.

Mikefizzled1588d ago

It did say Platinum on it. So it will play like a dream.

URNightmare1589d ago

Playstation exclusives always at the top of the list.

That Playstation QUALITY!

mikel10151589d ago

"Quality" You can't judge a new IP on something that's NEW, meaning never played before

aLiEnViSiToR1589d ago

For me the most promising new IP has to be No Man's Sky, like i said before the games just feels too damn good to be possible O_o

Vegetarianshark1588d ago

That and bloodbourne blew the show for me! Being an indie dev for a short period of time, no man's sky really stood out for me. Very often most indie devs don't have the time or the resources to get that kind of project off the ground let alone finish it. Here's hoping Hello game follow through with it and make it big.

Master-H1588d ago

Bloodborne for me simply because i love the souls games, also the leaked gameplay vids look awesome.