Eiji Aonuma Wants Zelda U to Give Players More Freedom to ‘Choose Their Path the Story Takes’

We know Zelda U will give players a lot of freedom in terms of exploration, but does that freedom extend to the story as well? Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma gives his answer in this interview segment with GenGAME

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fatneal1680d ago

the only thing i want is for it to be a challenging game and for it to have almost every tool/weapon from every zelda games available to find or buy..

i expect living breathing towns with hundreds of sidequest and minigames to earn rupees, jars, ect.

i also want all transportation from past games in this...give a train option....give me a boat option...epona...give me the wind ocarina from minish cap...speaking of the ocarina i want all zelda instruments in this game with music classes in the form of minigames so we can learn all the classic zelda songs with the instrument we choose

Erimgard1680d ago

Don't think it would get a bit crowded with all those forms of transportation?

fatneal1680d ago

not if its as big and open and expansive as theyre making it seem...i see no reason why a short boat ride or train ride couldnt be easily implemented into an open world zelda

Erimgard1680d ago

If it served a legitimate/fun purpose, then sure. If it's just there for the sake of being there...well that's just a waste of space that could have been used for something brand new and exciting.

wonderfulmonkeyman1679d ago

I think your expectations are probably a bit too high.
If not having absolutely everything you've listed in the game would make you not want the game, then you might want to scale back your expectations to avoid disappointment.

The game will be as open-world and expansive as they've said; there's no doubt about that.
But you can't depend on them to give you a mish-mash of every other concept from every other Zelda game.
They have to keep in line with this game's place in the time-line; a train wouldn't make sense if this isn't anywhere close to being in the same chronological era as Spirit Tracks.

BVFTW1680d ago

All those things albeit cool may end up breaking the game also it might be difficult to pull that off without expending more resources than whatever revenue it could possibly generate, this is no multiplatform title so I don't see this happening anytime soon, unless Nintendo is willing to expend...

wonderfulmonkeyman1679d ago

Just fyi, the first Zelda pulled this off perfectly, just on a smaller scale.
It was completely open-world; you could go nearly anywhere on the map right off the bat.

BVFTW1679d ago

I'm talking about generating a game in the vein of skyrim with less resources as FATNEAL said he wanted tons of weapons, means of transportation, hundreds of sidequests, towns, etc, etc. Anouma said he wanted to return to the game's roots and of course he means the freedom in the first zelda and "fyi" no need to preach me the zelda gospel, I've a complete copy since the 80s, next time read properly.

wonderfulmonkeyman1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Skyrim is capable of running on PS3, a last-gen console.
If Sony has the resources on the PS3 to make a game like Skyrim run, then it's only logical that Nintendo could easily make a game with even more resources going for it on the Wii U.
But that's beside the point; why would they use all of those resources for stuff that wouldn't fit with the game's story?
I don't think Neal is going to be getting his Train transportation.XD

BVFTW1679d ago

This is going to be long because it is my last bubble and I apologize for not being able to further discuss. I'm not talking about hardware resources wonderful monkey man, I'm talking about budget and man power, big open world games tend to be an expensive venture with huge teams involved as this kind of games are released on multiple platforms in order to shoot for a bigger audience and generate profit, I don't think that the next zelda is aiming for this kind of experience and I believed that a reasonable budget is one of the reasons but mostly Zelda also tends to do its own thing, remember budget is a factor as for example the Gamecube had at least an established base of 20 million users at the end of it life and WW sold around 4 million copies and the game generated profit, thus I tried to explain that in todays "hd" world where development cost is a lot more pricey and lengthier I see it difficult to expect a zelda game with the massive amount of content that our fellow gamer Fatneal wished for, remember my original comment: "it might be difficult to pull that off without expending more resources than whatever revenue it could possibly generate" It's clear as day I wasn't talking about hardware. On your other points I agree with you, thumbs up for the train joke! ¬_^ thanks for sharing your view bro.

Dgander1680d ago

I just want boundless exploration. Dont really like comparing Zelda to Skyrim but at least let the map be filled with sidequest, dungeons not pertaining to the main story and challenging puzzles. We have already seen that the Wii U can push great visuals so please take advantage of it.

Summons751680d ago

Well Nintendo never said it was like Skyrim. It's the media who believes Skyrim was the first open world game in existence. Nintendo is aiming to make it more like the first game where you don't have any dungeon order, can go anywhere from the start of the game, and I'm betting a link between worlds scenario where you can get all the weapons you need to travel at the start.

I don't like people comparing it to Skyrim either, especially since they make it out to be the only open world game.

renerak1680d ago

I wish they re-release shadow of colosus with alternate happy ending.

tweet751679d ago

zelda + skyrim = the greatest game ever (possibly)