The Plot to make you a next Gen Gamer

Surfjafo: Back in the early days of gaming, the best thing one could experience was a new game. That feeling you got when you managed to collect enough money to get yourself a copy of Excitebike. The unstoppable urge to not open the box just to leaf through the manual of any of the Zelda games was overwhelming. It was an almost immeasurable emotion. Your day was going to be glorious the instant you were in possession of a piece of the Nintendo pie. Those emotions carried over through the generations of games and even consoles. I know one of my keenest memories is riding the train back to my house in Brooklyn, after having gone to a store that no longer exists, with a fresh copy of Metal Gear Solid for the PS1. I had no internal governor, so the moment I got a seat on the last leg of my trip, I ripped away the cellophane wrapping and popped the double wide case open to find a thick manual staring back at me. Just seeing the disk sit comfortably in its spindle with the letters gleaming back at me….kinda makes me smile. Thumbing my way past the contents page and looking at the copious amounts of info didn’t strike any fear in me, I was used to it. That and the fact that I decided to buy a guide book (call it cheating but IDGAF), kind of reassured me I’d be ok.

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