Driveclub Video Shows Spectacular Collision Physics and Effects, Flipping Cars

One of the elements of Driveclub that Evolution Studios and Sony didn’t show much of is collisions. Today a video appeared on YouTube giving a glimpse on the game’s collision physics and effects.

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XiSasukeUchiha2216d ago

Driveclub:The truly next gen racer!
Who wants to join the club!!!

GamerXD2216d ago

I love DriveClub, but please shut the f*ck up.

BigBosss2216d ago

Gamer, leave the poor bloke alone man.

On-topic - Game is shaping up to be the best racer ever!

mogwaii2216d ago

There really are some douche baggy, cringe worthy comments in here sometimes.

Elzer2216d ago

Truly next gen? Watch closely and see the car bump into the bushes on the left.... Invisible wall?

MasterCornholio2216d ago

He has the right to be excited for this game. You on the other hand dont have the right to take away his freedom to express his joy for this game.

JoGam2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Oh snap GamerXD, Listen man, don't let the undercover troll get you mad.

mcstorm2216d ago

Elzer I picked up on that too. the video is not the best quality though to judge this game. Can't wait to see how DriverClub and Forza Horizon 2 stickup though they both look amazing games from what we have been shown but not long to wait to judge for our self's

Destrania2216d ago

If you guys haven't seen the E3 2014 gameplay videos that GamerSyde has up, you should. Looks amazing.

iiorestesii2216d ago

I thought the tone was appropriate @ GamerXD

Jihaad_cpt2216d ago

Not really necessary to act like a complete arse

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Am-No-Hero2216d ago

I'm with you on the first part but absolutely not the second part :)

clmstr2216d ago

OMG, this guy =D

Somehow, every comment he writes doesn't make any sense but it always makes me smile.

Firebird3602216d ago

I'm buying this day 1! But "truly next gen racer" I'm not sure, should be 1080p @60fps to receive that title

AndrewLB2216d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Did you not see that Porsche that rolled three times at high speed had ZERO body damage? WTF?

Kennytaur2216d ago

Forza Horizon seems to have better clubs, which is a bit laughable. And it's open world....

I'm a bit sceptical to DC after the delay, but it could still be decent.

360ICE2216d ago

Well, Forza Horizon 2 is an open world racer. It's not like Drive Club would have been open world if the developer had been good enough.

How does Forza Horizon 2 have better clubs, though? Can't recall hearing THAT much about either Drive Club or Forza's clubs.

TheDevKit2216d ago

A next-gen racer running at 30 FPS.

2216d ago
killzone6192216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

did anyone see the invisible wall at 0:13? lol

truely nextgen collision right? and the car has no damage despite flipping 3 times.


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Software_Lover2216d ago

...... they must've had actual damage off, and at that speed it would have flipped a lot more.

Abriael2216d ago

There's no crippling damage in the game. It's already confirmed.

Irishguy952216d ago

Blah...well I guess it ain't a sim. Not that much sims have managed Damage well either. :P

I can tell i'm gonna get sick of this game pretty quick though but thats just because I like sims over arcade. Next GT is what i'm waiting like 5 years sigh

Software_Lover2216d ago

I did not know that, not that I'm keeping up with details. Thanks.

otherZinc2216d ago


In Forza Motorsport 5 & 4, is you flip a car like that with damage sim on or slam into a solid barrier going 200mph, your car will be disabled. They handle damage well in Forza.

MysticStrummer2216d ago

@Irish - You're just now discovering DC isn't a sim? How interested in it could you possibly have been?

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senior322216d ago

forza horizon 2 looks like PS2 game compared to DRIVECLUB. good job SONY!!!

BigBosss2216d ago

I own both Xbone and PS4 and I will be getting both. Simply because they both deliver their own style of racing, etc. I like to stay neutral

rayzorn2216d ago

i only have a ps4. and for now i have no plans in getting an xbox but i have nothing against them. just dont have time to play two consoles.

just posted that cause i have no clue why you got so many disagrees for what you posted. i thought that was a pretty level headed and good post.

if i had the time to play more i would have all three systems and enjoy more games.

GarrusVakarian2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

No it doesn't. It may not look as good as DC, but in no way does it look like a PS2 game, that's a gross exaggeration

hello122216d ago

no drivelub at e3, even playable. Forza horizon had more features, cars, dynamic weather and everything. It was there at E3, think about that.

Driveclub might end up being a good racer, but has no were near the amount of content forza horizon got.

Speak_da_Truth2216d ago

UHHHH there are lots of videos on youtube with ppl playing Driveclub at E3 and Driveclub is winning all the "best racing gane" at E3 so idk what your talking about

DigitalRaptor2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Man... you are such an embarrassment. You used to at least talk a LITTLE bit of sense. Now it's either desperate lies, or pitiful ignorance.

DriveClub WAS at E3. The video in the article shows people playing the game at E3. And guess what? It's being really well received.

MRMagoo1232216d ago

How come there is no option to down bubble for straight up blatant lying? I will bubble for trolling instead.

truefan12216d ago

It's funny you say that because for sony was scared to even include DC in its E3 presentation after Forza Horizon 2. Not to mention dynamic weather won't even be available at launch for DC. This game can't touch SH2 in any aspect besides graphics. I hope you enjoy DC, but don't try to downplay a better game to increase your enjoyment.

ziggurcat2216d ago

"I hope you enjoy DC, but don't try to downplay a better game to increase your enjoyment."

... just like how you're downplaying DC - arguably a better game - to increase your enjoyment of FH2....

and please, by all means, provide us with proof that sony was "scared" to show DC at E3 this year. if you can't then keep that unsubstantiated delusion to yourself, and go back to maintaining that rickety bridge of yours.

IRetrouk2216d ago

I think you must have missed driveclub screenshots with rain all over them. The rest of your post is hypocrisy at its finest

MRMagoo1232216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Marked as trolling

This truefan was the same fangirl in another article ,telling people that didnt believe the cloud BS and DX12 wouldnt do much for the xbone ,that they should stay in ps4 articles, yet here she is in here showing her maturity.

@Rik-mayall below

Arent you meant to be dead ?

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monkeyDzoro2216d ago

The car tripped on the edge of the road... There's no invisible wall.

eferreira2216d ago

I think he hit the beginning of the guardrail.

Abriael2216d ago

The wall look *very* visible to me.

Software_Lover2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

This is an edit:He's talking about the red car. Right before it makes the car flip it hits an invisible wall on the left.

Rik_Mayall2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

There clearly isn't a barrier when the car bounces back onto the road at 0:13... Youtubes slow motion feature clearly shows it.

LackTrue4K2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

there better then using card board cut outs for pedestrians in the background.

FamilyGuy2216d ago

Seems more like a glitch, like the engines physics caused it to flip but flipping cars over wasn't an intended ability. The way it flattens out so quick back in a racing position makes it seem that way to me anyways.