Secret Bloodborne Stagecoach Level Also Shown at E3

Junkie Monkeys: Now that E3 2014 is all wrapped up, I can finally pump out everything I enjoyed and saw at the show. There was actually something I didn’t see that excited me the most and that is Blooborne’s secret stagecoach level showcased to certain people at E3.

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georgenancy2209d ago

you must really love lurking in the pending section;You don't have to comment first on almost every submission especially if you have nothing informartive to say
On topic:game looks stunning

ZodTheRipper2209d ago

And you actually didn't say much more on topic than him, you only called him out. Is that better than his generic comments?

Neixus2209d ago

lol @Zod, was about to say the same thing.

on topic, i think it's too early to judge the game. I want to see alittle more than early builds and leaked footage. But it shapes up to be very good :)

I_am_Batman2209d ago

Wow. You can't be serious.

ado9082209d ago

Not going to lie I see him everywhere as well and quite frankly I do find it rather annoying myself. It's like he has nothing better to do then to wait for an article to come out and comment first.

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georgenancy2209d ago

@ZodTheRipper do you see me posting generic comments like his on every article?

I_am_Batman2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

It's not forbidden to make generic comments. His comment takes you literally one second to read. He didn't insult anyone with it. He just showed that he's excited about the game. There is nothing wrong with that.

If you want less one liner comments and more discussions you should probably visit the forum instead of calling people out for being excited about games.

liquidhalos2208d ago

Georgenancy, you could always point out that zods reply didnt say much more on topic than yours. He only called you out. Is that better than your generic comment :P

AgentSmithPS42209d ago

At least he's not as annoying as the real Sasuke ;).

Omran2209d ago

I'mt not an RPG fan but this game
looks great and must buy for me

e-p-ayeaH2209d ago

Its pretty much an action adventure game with rpg elements so tecnicly isnt a rpg.

I wonder what this game differs from the souls games.

Neixus2209d ago

Action RPG is the more correct genre, tbh

Omran2209d ago

thanks for the correction, but it looks similar
to demons souls ! so it means that the game
have RPG elements !

Hellsvacancy2209d ago

All it takes is one good rpg then you'll find yourself playing more of them

Omran2209d ago

yeah you remind me that next year will be
awesome for RPG fans, The witcher 3, Bloodborne

so much greatness

FogLight2209d ago

That is interesting... I will have to keep it in mind for now since it could be true.

Really can't wait for Bloodborne! I really hope Hidetaka Miyazaki will satisfy our needs for this game :)

e-p-ayeaH2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

I hope the difficulty from Demon Souls is back ive seen some Dark Souls 2 gameplay and it looks so easy to play after getting used to Demon Souls.

That being said im hoping this game is challenging enough to keep players trying to proceed.

Irishguy952209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Dark souls was harder than Demons souls. Demons souls was only harder at the very first section of the game. After that, you got used to it and it became not so difficult. Especially with the amount of healing items you get. Dark souls stayed consistently difficult throughout the game. Dark souls 2 i've heard it is easier and harder. I will play it soon...hmm...why not right now... I can breeze through Demons now. Dark...not so much.

Good day sir

Summons752209d ago

Dark Souls was WAY easier than Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 2 brought back a lot of the difficulty but it's still not as hard as Demon's Souls.

Treezy5042209d ago

@Summons75 I feel the same way and Bloodborne looks like it will be a lot like Demon's Souls.

mogwaii2209d ago

This might be the one to get me into these types of games, they just look so punishing, i dont want to be breaking a $100 controller in frustration, lol

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