DirectX 12 Will Allow Better Collision Detection & Richer Scenes, Xbox One Cloud Is 'Promising'

Futuremark Studios, who benchmarked DirectX 12, shares new details about the upcoming API.

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XiSasukeUchiha1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

DX12- Will be good application for PC, and XB1
PC will use this 100%, and XB1 will use i don't how much, and Cloud just bring it because promises can be broken!

Am-No-Hero1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Do you live here !


about the topic :

it looks promising on " paper " but nothing outside

BTW I'm not a fanboy to any company .. so be cool

Farmassy1584d ago

I think that without a doubt cloud processing will be a huge part of the future... the problem is that our current infrastructure won't allow it to be used to its true potential. When everyone has google fiber and our internet speeds catch up to the technology it will be amazing. Unfortunately it will be years before this happens

People who act like it is a joke are just as stupid as people who act like it is the second coming

r2oB1584d ago

@ Farmassy

If it will take years before cloud processing will yield any substantial results, then why even mention it (not you personal, I'm referring to Microsoft and the people who think "its the second coming".) Its highly likely our infrastructure won't be up to par during the Xbox One's lifespan. If that's the case then all this cloud talk is moot, just straws fanboys grasp on, nothing more than wishful thinking.

Point is... Cloud processing may not be a joke in the way it works, but in regards to the Xbox One (and how it can actually utilize it during its life cycle versus how the fanboys think/wish it will utilize it), it may very well be a joke. So the non-believers seem to be more reasonable than the believers.

corvusmd1584d ago

I get that you're not trying to be a fanboy or anything, but you do realize that this article is about a tech demo right? So it's a bit more than just on paper..

“In their demo, they showed two major improvements over DirectX 11 – a 50% improvement in CPU utilization, and better distribution of work among threads.”

...and it's still more than a year off, so it has the potential to get even better.

UltimateMaster1584d ago

Put 'whatever you want in 'quotation' to make it sound exciting' and end quote.

soandsoz1583d ago

The time will arrive (debatable when that may be) when cloud compute will offer tangible benefits to gaming.

I imagine, many Xbox gamers (Only stating Xbox gamers bc Microsoft is the primary company behind computes 'push') will see the day it's development efforts reach a sound degree of fruition. I'm pretty confident about that.

Online only games (a la Titanfall variety) clearly target multi-player fans. Many MP hardcore gamers are already 'content' to own and endorse MP only games as proven by the sales of Titanfall.

What I'm uncertain about, is what's going to happen when the first wave of games that force Online Single player because they 'Depend on the cloud'.

IF indeed single player games do start requiring an internet connection to play, I'm personally left with a sense Microsoft may compound all the 'damage' they have slowly chipped away at mending. It's going to be really interesting to see what transgresses over the next 5-10 years with this subject

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Volkama1584d ago

Dx 12 for XBox:
-1/3 CPU consumption for rendering submission in one game
-100s of thousands of DrawBundle executions are possible per 60fps frame

That is part of a tech presentation. None of this stuff means anything to me, except that Dx 12 is expected to benefit the One.

Proof will be in the pudding of course.


truefan11584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

So a guy with Direct X experience expects positive gains, yet the arm chair developers of n4g think otherwise. I'll take the professionals word over you guys any day of the week.

Lol gotta love ps4 fans, they have nothing to look forward to in 2014 but downplaying XBOX games and features. Every XBOX article you guys are the first and most frequent commenters. If only you gave sony half of the attention you give XBOX, Destiny wouldn't be THE system seller for ps4, a game a can just as easily play on XB1.

Malphite1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Do you even realise that you are constantly doing the same things you are criticising others for? You're just as bad if not worse. You're just playing for the other team.

Edit: "Lol gotta love ps4 fans, they have nothing to look forward to in 2014 but downplaying XBOX games and features."

4 minutes later ...
Truefan in a Driveclub article defending Forza and downplaying Driveclub.

kayoss1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

too bad titanfall wasnt THE system seller for the xbox ONe. So whats your point? Seriously you need to give this a rest. You have not experience anything with direct x12 and cloud personally for the x1 and you sitting behind a computer yapping away. FOrza 5 uses cloud but let me tell you, its not impressive at all. Cloud have potential but at this point with the infrastructure that we have. it will not work. This is common sense. Why cant you accept that? are you that insecured that you feel obligate to defend anything people say about the xbox one?

r2oB1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

@ truefan1

Did you miss the part where they wrote "However, he thinks its too early to deliver a final verdict of its benefits since its still more than a year from launch". Or the part where he said "its too early to know the exact performance gain...". Did you read the part in the article where they referenced the Xbox One in regards to DX12? Oh wait, you couldn't have because they didn't mention it. That's probably because the guy with direct x experience, that you are referring to, is the president of a company that makes benchmark tools for PC and is more than likely referring to DX12 benefits to PC gaming.

liquidhalos1584d ago

Anyone else sick and tired of seeing "gotta love ps4 fans" in every single overly defensive Xbox One post? Seriously, try making a valid point or two instead of turning things into ps4 vs zone argument

tgunzz1584d ago

It is ok to doubt something, but this is happening none the less... Very innovative indeed...

xx4xx1584d ago

As a gaming fan, these possibilities sound really intriguing. As with most things, I'll reserve judgment until I actually see it.

As someone who reads enough on this site, dreading the PS fanboy comments stating that this can't be real.


You're right........they have Driveclub and The Last of Us Remastered for that.

DougLord1584d ago

I'm with you on being positive about the Xbone. The games we have are great (F5, DR3, TF) and we have SO and MCC in 2014 with H5, FH2, CD3, Fable, GOW and more on the way. DX12/ESRAM/Cloud are just a cherry on top.

But why do you have to end with trolling PS4 owners? While there isn't anything I currently want to play don't tell me UC5 or a nextgen God of War doesn't make you think about buying a PS4.

Just because this site is full of a bunch of Sony Ponies that can't help but troll every X box article doesn't mean you should stoop to their level.

wcas1584d ago

truefan1. I will take what the consensus of the vast majority of unbiased professional devs and techs have said so far over a few PR statements by devs influenced by MS. The over whelming unbiased consensus among them is that DX12 wont help X1 very much at all, It may help future consoles but not so much the current ones. A person can find individual articles seeming to support almost anything no matter how inaccurate or misleading. Do the research using unbiased sources on how DX12 and the cloud will specifically effect X1 now and within the next few years and it becomes clear improvements for X1 are minimal. So many times people take what is said of DX12 and cloud in general and what it can do in the future and try to apply it to X1 as if it can be done now or very soon.... or even in the X1's lifecycle. Such conclusions and applications can be misleading and overhyped when pertaining specifically to X1.

1584d ago
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omegaheat1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

@XiSasukeUchiha I was trying to read your comment, but like so many others on this site, your comment looks like broken English. Just take your time making sure the grammar is correct. I like reading comments, just help others to understand them ok.

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Lawboy21584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

U know they will have a tech demo tommorrow right that is the purpose of all these articles

@ Rashid and naruto

I copied it for the xbox one reddit...its been up for awhile...there saying most likely a cloud demo....but I think they'll also show dx 12

Here's hoping for the best

gameseveryday1584d ago

Interesting. I never knew that. I have a strong feeling they will talk about DX12 and the new SDK update that was recently released.

XiNarutoUzumaki1584d ago

Oh finally. Looking forward to it

christocolus1584d ago


I saw this on reddit yesterday too. I'm looking forward to it. Hope they reveal some cool stuff and show nice demos.

OT: I hope halo5, scalebound,crackdown,gears of war and upcoming titles use this api in some way or the other.

hello121584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Its bla bla bla, if its Microsoft and anything to do with them, its crap.

directx12 is a new API. Why are Nivida, Amd and intel excited about it? And why don't we see the same response for opengl.

directx12 full features will be coming to xb1. Of course Phil Spencer is lying.

Ice team says a lot, but doesn't do any press conferences, to show were the PS4 will improve.

[email protected] Really what you going to say when crackdown comes out and the cloud is doing destruction usually done by the GPU.

Try getting the PS4 to do that? xb1 is the true next gen system and will be fairly evident to everyone eventually.

Foxhound9221584d ago

First of all, they don't have to. They aren't the ones playing catch up and they're not the ones with a hardware deficiency. Secondly, there's been plenty of talk of api improvement for Sony.

sic_chops1584d ago

Right fox... When you are the one with the gimped hardware, you have to try everything and say anything to TRY and catch up.

XiNarutoUzumaki1584d ago

I barely see Team ice talking about PS4 API. I see Microsoft talking about the cloud weekly.

Codey471584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

DirectX 12 should be renamed to DirectX Hope

AMD, Intel and Nvidia are in the graphics market if they don't make any noise they won't sell their brand new iterations of graphics cards/On die gpus.

Valve have been banging on about OpenGL for quite some time saying that it's much quicker.

Everybody seems to have high hopes on PC with DirectX12 When in reality DirectX11's Native full compliance support is somewhat laughable (ie:- not shoehorned in with a patch)

6 games are native DirectX11 on the PC platform as of writing this

Crysis 3
Tropico 5
War Of The Vikings

I think for a 5 year old API to have a catalogue of 6 games that are fully compliant is ridiculous.

There's a reason Crysis 3 looks better than Crysis 2 (post DX11 patch)
Crysis 3 Native DX11
Crysis 2 shoehorned patch DX11

Please don't retort with a DirectX11 list of games from wikipedia. Like I said 99% of those titles of are patched... not built from the ground up with the API in question.

It would also be nice if DX12 were to add new vertex, pixel and shader models.

feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I had this response from a PC elitist the other day.

"The Witcher 2 & Skyrim are both DirectX 9 and we all know how much better they look on PC. Point is PC Gamers could not give a rats ass if a game is using DirectX 9, 10, 11 or 12 or even OpenGL as long it looks amazing and runs at a smooth framerate"

Then why come here and state the pinnacle of graphics
when in reality, due to that logic, you should've kept your DirectX9 or 10 fully compliant card and still have an amazing experience as long as it runs smooth.

As opposed to entering PS4 and Xbox One threads and constantly reiterating the same shit whilst giving you a superiority warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I'm the last person you need to tell about PC... I used to build Enthusiast Rigs. I were wasting money, developer support was dropping.

Nekroo911584d ago

because it will benefit pc gaming, but the xbox api already does most things, so theres no big improvement.

theres a few articles confirming this but you just read what you want to stay away from reality

guyman1584d ago

"ice team says a lot"

Definitely not as much as Microsoft does about the holy grail that is the cloud and dx12.

I'm not saying it won't have any benefits to x1, it's just that Microsoft are totally over selling it.

Another thing, trolling the ps4 reduces the credibility of your so called argument. Not that it had any credibility to begin with. This article has nothing to do with ice team nor the ps4.

ger23961584d ago

i guess you didn't read the article either. read r2ob's comment above. but i guess you can't help it that you got diarrhea of the mouth.

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Belasco1584d ago

Yes, just like yours and most N4G comments on DX12 and cloud.

senior321584d ago

i hope this will mean no more 720p games

Software_Lover1584d ago

Because that makes the game so unplayable and automatically terrible!!!!!! /s

Jury1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Just inferior to the same game on the other, cheaper console

Foxhound9221584d ago

Yeah because if I had the choice, I would always choose the version that looks worse /s

No one said it was automatically terrible, but how can you blame someone for wanting a game with 4x the pixels being rendered?

soandsoz1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

It absolutely does not make any game terrible, being 720p.

But, why would anyone with a 1080p Tele not hope for as high as a resolution as possible. I realize not nearly everyone has a 1080p capable TV, though I hesitate to guess (speculation I realize) well over half of gamers likely do. A great game is a great game any day of the week at any resolution. But, greater native resolution does make any great game an even better game for a lot of people

Software_Lover1584d ago

I'll hold judgement until I see something tangible. I don't currently see a problem with the XBone. It plays games at a lower resolution than the PS4, big deal. If you buy for power, then get the PS4 (I won't even get into the PC aspect). If you want to play Sunset Overdrive or Forza, then get XB1. If you want to play Uncharted, get the PS4. It's as simple as that.

BVFTW1584d ago

It's better to be a gamer than a corporate tool

gamertk4211584d ago

Or better yet, get both. I don't play exclusives, I play games.

zero_gamer1584d ago

Too bad this site is full of "gamers" that care more about graphics and raw hardware than games.

quenomamen1584d ago

So true, you still playing the hell out of that Contra on your NES ?
Since you dont buy in to all this new Gen BS like the rest of us morons.

Imalwaysright1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

N4g in a nutshell. Its disgusting seeing these so called gamers reducing games and all the work that the devs put in their games to just graphics. Graphics this, resolution that is all they talk about instead of asking devs for trully next gen experiences. They're ok with this industry becoming stagnant as long as they can play last gen games with prettier graphics.

zero_gamer1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Contra is probably more fun and more well received for its time than inFamous SS and Watch Dogs, but no I don't play it. I play Mario Kart 8 on Wii U and waiting anxiously for Zelda.

Yes, I bought into the new gen BS and I am a moron for it as well. The new gen so far is nothing but a joke. The majority of games for the Xbox One and PS4 are cross gen and available on PC. Then we have the Definitive Edition games, TLoU in the pipeline, for full 60 bucks no less.

As of now, the only reason these next gen consoles exist is nothing more than graphics. Last I checked the last gen consoles have MORE features than the PS4 and Xbox 360.

soandsoz1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Valid tangent zero-gamer!

But I'll point out, it's also terribly depressing to look to at the music industry (pretty much from front to back) and realize the most successful & famous 'artists' are such because of image above all else.

No different in hollywood either. There is an unfortunate 'harmony' to be found in those parallels.

Much as I wish it wasn't so with graphics and the forementioned

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DougLord1584d ago

What resolutions do Forza, Dead Rising and Titanfall run at on the PS4? I sure Master Chief will run much smoother with the PS4s GDDR5.

Both systems have some interesting exclusives coming. Buy the system that has the most that YOU prefer. If you mainly like multiplats then buy a PS4.

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hello121584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

directx11 is really a high level/medium level API directx12 is really low level,so games are going to look awesome when it comes out for xb1

directx11 only uses 1 core with very little work been done on the other cores evenly. Its the directx11 API causing the issue.

Sony fans claiming directx12, no benefit to xb1. Well clearly you don't know how directx has effected PC gaming and console gaming for years.

[email protected] the xb1 is a PC it uses a x86 architecture 8 cores, it uses the same API used for games on the PC. Plus the OS is windows 8 (likely can be upgraded to windows 9, when it arrives) minor improvements, you'll end up being wrong, and you'll see how wrong you are in 2015

Foxhound9221584d ago

Wrong, again. People are saying that it will offer more for PC, which is true. Not that is won't improve the xb1. Xb1 improvements will be minor.

SonofGod1584d ago

You don't know how much DX12 will affect XO as you don't work on the API nor on the team that built the XO architecture.

Maybe it's better to wait and see the differences for yourself?

Elit3Nick1584d ago

can you show me benchmarks showcasing these so called "minor improvements"? Though so...

sinspirit1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

@SonofGod and Elite3Nick

Well, seeing how DX12 is basically trying to adapt the "to the metal" aspect of the XBox One and every other console.. And that X1 is basically using a modified DX11 that is essentially what DX12 is. Consoles have had this low level API since forever ago. They are merely adapting it to PC. Sure, from development they will increase performance, but just like past updates to improve console performance, it is going to be minor. The console hardware can't be improved but the software can, and software only goes so far.

They will probably improve the heavy OS to increase performance as well. Microsoft makes many mistakes with software and expects people to wait for updates.

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Seafort1584d ago

Direct X 12 is primarily for the PC to improve performance and code at a lower level nearer to the metal like consoles do now.

Xbone already codes to the metal so you can't get any lower than that.

They might be minor improvements for Xbone but nothing substantial like there will be for the PC.

I'm a PC gamer so you can't label me a PS fanboy.

Direct X 12 does not have the ability to change the Xbone hardware you are stuck with the inferior hardware for the next several years.

tuglu_pati1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I love how people throw the "code to the metal" thing around without knowing what it means. Code to the metal means that developers can code almost the the capacity of the hardware based on the tools/software they have.

If you have better tools and those tool use better the hardware you will get better performance. People need to stop repeating thing they hear in the internet without knowing what they mean.

I do agree it will be more beneficial to PC though

aerisbueller1584d ago

@tuglu_pati - actually coding to the metal means they have direct access to the gpu and memory bypassing any usual cross-hardware API limitations

Seafort1584d ago

@tuglu_pati It has nothing to do with the capacity of the hardware.

It just means you are able to code straight to the GPU or CPU (the metal) or as close as they can without any software getting in the way. It's just low level programming.

PCs have always had MS bloatware, Windows and Direct X decreasing performance of the hardware and this is what Direct X 12 is trying to rectify.

tuglu_pati1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )


And how do you think they get that direct access to the gpu and memory from? From tools and software. Hardware mean nothing without software

The fact that consoles can be code to the metal doesnt mean newer tools will not have big imapct on them and theres where the problem with this saying lies, people use it as if you are already coding to the metal then you wont see any more improvements and that is not the case. Its been used out of context.

MRMagoo1231584d ago


"people use it as if you are already coding to the metal then you wont see any more improvements and that is not the case. Its been used out of context" No one I repeat NO ONE is saying it wont have improvements, people are saying it wont have much improvements because the xbones api is already performing nearly as well as it can with the hardware it has, PC on the other hand (which is what the companies such as nvidia are actually talking about when they mention big gains) will see a good boost.

jackdaniels1583d ago

@tuglu_pati - completely agree

Just because people hear that the API is already close to the metal, they assume things are as fast as can be....its simply not the case, better software and better use of the hardware (better thread/resource management) can and do improve performance. All we can do now is watch and see how big the performance gain will be.
Regards Jackie D

aerisbueller1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

regardless of whether they've maxed out the console:

"I love how people throw the "code to the metal" thing around without knowing what it means. Code to the metal means that developers can code almost the the capacity of the hardware based on the tools/software they have. "

You are throwing the 'code to the metal' thing around without knowing what means is my point. The whole point of coding to the metal is to say 'thanks for your tools and software, but I know what I'm doing with the low level stuff, and I'll take it from here, thanks'.

Though people using tools created by those close to the metal experts will still benefit if an engine or tool was coded 'to the metal'.

What everyone is saying is that since XBox One is a console, it would already be coded to the metal, so it wouldn't see as much improvement. I haven't read enough about the XBox One SDK, but it's possible they're wrong and the current SDK makes it difficult or impossible to get access to the console's guts - though that'd be unusual for a console. But maybe MS had planned for the DX12 update to be that part of the SDK, in which case it would help.

In any case, DX12 will make a difference, at least to the ease of coding if nothing else, but it's not going to nullify the power difference of the ps4.

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