Inside The Xbox One | AMD & Microsoft Developer Day Analysis & Breakdown | Tech Tribunal Part 1

There’s a good chance you’ve heard a lot about the insides of the Xbox One, but there’s much that’s still unclear regarding the CPU, eSRAM and its API. Microsoft have combined forces with AMD to hold an event which explains much of the jiggery-pokery inside Microsoft’s flagship console.

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Software_Lover1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I should have put a question mark behind that. I've been reading on here (have to find the articles) that Microsoft were going to speak about some of this tech today. I'm probably wrong, as I am a lot, but I know I read something.

ITS TOMORROW...................... .

MasterCornholio1588d ago

Will they demonstrate the cloud today or is it just for DX12?

Lawboy21588d ago

@ software

it's tommorrow

player0021588d ago

think its 16th not today

Lawboy21588d ago

It is tommorrow...on the 16th...had the link earlier

Software_Lover1588d ago

*puts head down and walks away defeated*

brainfart1588d ago

Its sunday no one is working on demo!!!

hello121588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

This is a slow news week, i guess.

This is information that came from the directx12 (AMD and Microsoft) conference held in Sweden last week, its not new. More info is coming out online, that's all.

Tomo we'll get more insight at ISCA

Will be an interesting talk i bet.

I'm not sure why some people are saying a cloud demonstration is happening tomo. As far as i know its only a speech about the xb1 system.

Lawboy21588d ago

A lot of ppl think it's a cloud demo because Phil said there will be a cloud demonstration coming soon...When he was asked about crackdown

hello121587d ago

Yes, he siad a demo was coming, but i don't think its tomo.

corvusmd1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

I'm skeptical that it will be the cloud demo tomorrow, would be sweet to see I guess, I but my feeling is that, that demo is a ways off still. Either way this is an interesting read. I'm not sure that anyone would be dumb enough to argue that the PS4 has the power advantage(esp without using ESRAM to it's full potential). However, everytime I read these articles it just makes it seem like the power gap isn't nearly as large as it first appears on paper. It just becomes more clear that they just work differently and don't nearly need the same power requirements. In most cases lately we are already seeing the power gap close...and hearing that ESRAM isn't simply just EDRAM 2.0 and that X1's current API doesn't do low level access as well as DX12 (and is still missing several other DX12 benefits) appears that there are several more benefits coming to X1 and that Devs have plenty of room to grow within the system as they learn the new aspects. It simply relies upon making it easy enough for the devs to WANT to take advantage of those things. If DX12 does what it looks to, and simply makes taking advantage of ESRAM easier, we may see some pretty good gains.

We are already seeing some pretty good gains with the June SDK (some people will say but but but Sunset Overdrive...keep in mind insomniac said that they felt that the game already looked great and that they would rather use that extra gpu to make the world more vibrant and alive....instead of a ghost town like another recent 3rd person open-world game).

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