Halo: Master Chief Collection E3 Leaked Gameplay & Details

This video details some extras that weren't shown previous in the Master Chief Collection video as well as answers some questions you might still have! Enjoy!

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corvusmd1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Halo 5 is a three week beta!!! F Yeah!!!

Ready for this...

TripC501588d ago

Halo 5 multiplayer beta, I think.

hello121588d ago

Gears collection please. Man i'm be throwing my money at the screen if that happened.

Halo, isn't for me.

Gears collection is the must wanted game on the x box Microsoft feedback site, too, way ahead of Shenmue.

pompombrum1588d ago

Was speaking to a friend about a potential Gears collection, it would make a lot of sense tbh, make a lot of money and prepare people for the next chapter in Gears of War. I say all that but tbh, I just want to play the original's mp on dedicated servers.

Demoa1588d ago

I'm still waiting for a gears, halo, and l4d collection before i finally sell my xbox 360.

Skate-AK1588d ago

They would release all the games you listed on Xbone, not 360. If you want the collections, you are going to have to upgrade.

redwin1588d ago

If Halo does well, I'm sure that Gears won't be far behind. Gears 1&2 were awesome .

Ghost_Nappa1588d ago

Yeah, i liked the almost survival horror vibe of the original the best.

Milesprowers1588d ago

Nothing much to leak since they the same games released before, Halo Hype much.

Starbucks_Fan1588d ago

this is f***ing cool. can't wait to play with my buddies in this.

Demoa1588d ago

they didn't beautiful job remaster halo 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.