E3 2014 review: games and Nintendo make a come back

This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3 for short – in Los Angeles was all about the games. Perhaps that's not surprising for an event centred on the global video games industry, but following 2013's focus on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, last week's gathering got back to showing off the reasons to actually own them.

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Geobros2214d ago

I agree, Nintendo looks like to to a strong come back.

eyeofcore2214d ago

Of course since Nintendo announced only showcased and announced nothing more than exclusives also I am sure those two disagree's are some pathetic individuals that dislike Nintendo because they have some sort of stigma about them and I would not be surprised if they were brainwashed by Sega's and/or Sony's commercials that explicitly said that Nintendo is "kiddie".

So its kiddie to have fun and its normal to have that "fun" that is basically stress for most time.

Gamers nowadays forgot how to relax...

wonderfulmonkeyman2213d ago

Oh look, it's Chrono, popping up on a statement about Nintendo, to bash someone.
What are the odds?/s

Getting back on more IMPORTANT matters; what Nintendo is doing right now, by securing obscure third party exclusives to bolster their line-up, is probably the best move they could make.
I mean, think about it; no amount of begging would get people over at Bethesda or Gearbox to make a game for Nintendo's console.
And if they did, it would likely be a port of something. A port that would not only be poorly optimized, but would likely also be missing most if not all of its extra content.
If they tried for games like The Witcher 3, I doubt the results would be any different, and people would flock to the other versions on different systems as a result.

Ports won't help Nintendo, so Nintendo is doing something different alongside whatever ports they have coming, to help even out all of the bad press that these lack-luster ports are going to give their system.

Hence, Bayonetta 2, Devil's Third, and possibly three more rumored exclusives that used to be non-exclusive/multiplats.
I hope that's just the start.

The other thing Nintendo needs to focus on, though, is their advertisement efforts.
The best way to make a system or game sell is to hype it up, and that takes lots of advertisement.
MK8's great sales so far are proof that they're trying harder, but they need to keep the ball rolling with advertisement for other games too, not just Mario Kart...