Sony’s Title that Dropped the Ball at their E3 2014 Conference

Sony showed off some pretty amazing looking titles for the PS4 during their press conference, but there's one in particular they completely neglected to show off that is releasing this year.

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DigitalRaptor2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )


Why would they need to show a game that they've already shown multiple times in multiple states of development? They announced weather for the game, and we've seen the game on the show floor looking absolutely breathtakingly superb.

The time DriveClub would've taken up allowed more games to be shown/announced, so sorry but it wasn't needed.

blackout2221d ago

Well for a company that has no other exclusives coming this year the article makes all the since in the world. HOW DO YOU NOT promote this game. The ball was definitely dropped. Sorry we also have the port (The Last Of Us).

Blacksand12221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

The PS4 only 7 months old it's not a year yet and people crying if your a Sony fan you know the games take a year. 2015 is the year the games well come, so don't rush it are you will be crying about the graphic and it not being 1080p/60fps.

DigitalRaptor2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

For a company that has many games coming out this year that people are pretending don't exist, or lying about to try and beat their chests about the other consoles, this article makes no sense whatsoever.

LittleBigPlanet 3, PlanetSide 2, inFAMOUS First Light, Deep Down, Guilty Gear Xrd... and The Last of Us Remastered and DriveClub.... and a host of interesting, fun-looking indies from now until the end of the year.

What do the other 2 consoles realistically have coming early next year? Nintendo: nothing stands out as announced. Xbone: literally nothing until the second half of the year ( actually, probably some indies that they crucified Sony for daring to support.... yeah, I was right - ).

While Bloodborne, The Order: 1886 and Ratchet & Clank are all confirmed for an early 2015 release on PS4.

@ PSN-JeRz

It wasn't even a "bad yr", just underwhelming. Nintendo had the least disappointing conference, while the other two didn't live up to any kind of hype built up for themselves, and mostly showed multiplats.

D-riders2221d ago

No other exclusives?? They dropped a game during the conference. 2 beta and lbp. Fanboy talk is so annoying

Prime1572221d ago

@Blackout,"HOW DO YOU NOT promote this game."

If they had promoted it YOU and the other people LIKE YOU would have said, "HA, like we didn't know driveclub was coming; that was a waste of time, Sony, show it's something new."

There were a lot of things left out of Sony's e3 presentation: drive club, deep down, ps2, the witness, rime, everybody's gone to the rapture, and many more.

I'll just refer Xbox fanboys to this:

guitarded772221d ago

GamesCom is where they will show it. It's closer to launch time, and it's a Euro developer.

Pogmathoin2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

PSN-jerzeysfest and prime157, many other Sony fans give a decent a respectful comment, you two seem like you just came from the same room..... Please do better..... Both MS and Sony left games off the table.... Showed plenty of variety and awesome stuff...... Of you fight over stupid things, that is pretty sad.....

palaeomerus2221d ago

I would have much rather seen 30 seconds of drive club footage than that three minutes of people playing LBP 3.

Prime1572221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )


If I said something that offended you then I am truly sorry. I admit, I do get frustrated with the ignorant fanboys on both sides.

If you read back through you'll see that I was only responding to one point of reference; a comment which I called towards in the very beginning of my post.

I see psn4g in miku, sasuke, and several others.

I see msn4g in truefan, georgenoob, knows, mrpsychotic, and many others.

Then I see the middle people who try to look at it objectively. Yes, they, I, we, and them all have bias, but some are blatant a-holes and that's where psn4g and msn4g start shining.

So, yes, when someone like blackout says (I'll put an asterisks on the ignorance that annoyed me), "Well for a company that has *no other exclusives* coming this year the article makes all the since in the world." And continues on by saying, "HOW DO YOU NOT promote this game" then yes, his lack of respect and, ESPECIALLY, his ignorance begets my ire.

Magicite2221d ago

who cares, ps4 destroys competition in current state already and no amount of halos or marios will stop this march for victory.

MysticStrummer2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Personally I'm glad they didn't spend stage time on DC. The game has been shown multiple times, it was at E3, and it's gotten good buzz despite not being shown on stage. If the ball was dropped at all it was the awkward TV/Movie/Stat section of the show, but I don't think that qualifies as dropping the ball either.

AndrewLB2221d ago

DigitalRaptor- Planetside2 and Guilty Gear Xrd are NOT exclusives. Both are PC games. If i'm not mistaken, that leaves you with Infamous which is a DLC, Deep Down which is F2P, Last of Us which is a re-hash, and... DriveClub. Which based on the latest video, has quite a bit of development to go since they haven't added damage to vehicles. Or did you not see the porsche roll 3 times and keep on driving?

NewMonday2221d ago


2014 PS4 games not coming to XB1:

Citizens of Earth
Samurai Warriors 4
The Swapper
Foul Play
The Witness
Ironclad Tactics
Revolver360 Re:Actor
Samurai Gunn
Dragon Fin Soup
Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
Natural Doctrine
Race The Sun
Velocity 2X
Aaru's Awakening
Futuridium EP Deluxe
Titan Invasion

SuperBlunt2221d ago

i literally tried to go buy an xbox one today and i couldnt will myself to go get one

UltraNova2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Name one console which had more than 3-4 AAA exclusive releases in its debut year...

The first year is always slow, however I wouldn't call PS4's launch year slow nor XB1's for that matter.

To those who thrive downplaying everything..Get over it.

Prime1572221d ago

@andrewLB, "Planetside2 and Guilty Gear Xrd are NOT exclusives. Both are PC games. If i'm not mistaken, that leaves you with Infamous which is a DLC, Deep Down which is F2P, Last of Us which is a re-hash, and... DriveClub. Which based on the latest video, has quite a bit of development to go since they haven't added damage to vehicles. Or did you not see the porsche roll 3 times and keep on driving?"

Careful, this is the territory of logic that doesn't make sense in fanboy wars... "it's also on pc."

Immediately, like the pink elephant in the room, I'm going to jump to titanfall (ALSO ON PC). Then I'll jump to the other elephant, which is an orange color, dead rising is coming to PC.

Ok, there's one more huge elephant that's even more argumentative... Windows vs Linux... X1 is just Windows, and anything can be ported with ease, yet Xbox fanboys talk down about ports?

The rest if your convoluted, cesspool of an argument is completely and utterly refuted by the fact that you argue 2014 releases and only count the infamous dlc as dlc... infamous came out this year, and won't be coming to PC.

Baka-akaB2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Guilty Gear Xrd isnt announced on pc , solely on ps3/ps4 thus far . There is a petition ot bring it on pc , precisely because of that

And who cares ? Werent people flauting stuff like Titan Fall likewise , for xbox console exclusivity , and many past games for both sides ?

"Deep Down which is F2P" . I waiting for the negative aspect there . I'm sure Capcom will monetize parts of it , they'll have too ... but until we see how , you have no leg to stand upon in the matter .

I love how you dismiss the game , and downplay it as if it's f2p nature poses yet a problem . People didnt seem to have real issues with Warframe and other available titles thus far

S2Killinit2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

You say Sony needed to show driveclub because they dont have exclusives coming this year. Then you bring up TLOU in an attempt to make it seem like you are really being objective, and then dissmiss it by denegrating it becasuse its a port. The question is what are you comparing Sony's exclusives to? If its MS, then someone should let you know that Sony has more exclusives coming this year than they are. The only reason xbots keep saying Sony doesnt have exclusives this year is because of a combo of two things. 1. During the xbox conference Mr Spenser (i shall call him Spinster from now on) strategically mentioned "EVERYTHING you just seen so far is coming out this year". It was very interesting because he was actually referring to only what was shown immediately before him taking the stage, but as it was intended, some people thought he meant "everything" since the beginning of the conference. 2. Sony pushed back a few of its heavy hitters into 2015. Im actually happy about this since i prefer to play complete games instead of rushed out ones. Sony doesnt feel the need to rush its games out the door because MS simply doesnt have the quality, number, of exclusive games to compete with Sony's lineup this year. On top of that pretty much all multiplatform games will play better on PS4, which means Playstation owners are in for a great year in gaming.

PS: off topic, im super stoked about Helldivers, Planetside 2, and Deep Down. I think all three are coming this year? Yeah

Boody-Bandit2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )


You do realize there are still a couple of big gaming events going on this year. Like Gamescom in Germany. You know, a place that is a hop, skip and a jump from the UK where Evolution Studios is based out of.

That is where Drive Club will more than likely make it's game play debut and go into depth over it's features, option and various modes.

I wasn't expecting DC to be on display at E3 during Sony's press conference for that very reason. Racing games are huge sellers in that region. It's a smart move on Sony and Evo's part to debut the final product there and far from a missed opportunity or dropping of the ball.

ZombieKiller2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Hey Blackout...who is this 'we' you speak of? Why don't you speak for yourself with your 110 disagrees and counting. Sony has more exclusive games than any of the competition except maybe Nintendo, and your statement shows how much you actually know. Speak for yourself when you talk, everyone knows you don't own a PS4.
Out of sheer amusement of picking on trolls though, I'll lower myself to your level of stupidity for just a sec and say that I believe your bullshit....multiplat games are turning out better on PS4 anyway so where is the lack of games at all? Even Arkham Knights pre orders are like 4 to 1 in favor of PlayStation. Keep standing behind microsoft though and fight that good fight! You keep your wallet in your back pocket right? Yeah, maybe you should make sure to stand BEHIND Microsoft then. You clearly are a moron.

FanboyKilla2220d ago

Just a smart move by sony. Believe me it was in the e3 show untill forza horizom 2 showed up on the scene. Out of sight out of mind. Out of all this driveclub talk i have yet to see people just play it instead of all the "AMAZING" screen shots. This game should be no secret by now, but its still a mystery.

nosferatuzodd2220d ago

lo you xbots are something else for a copany that have no games coming this ys really?
they have planet side lil bid planet drive club infamouse first light and lastof us so what are movies oh ok if you say so what does the xbox have coming this fall other than that halo remaster game plese let me know

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wsoutlaw872221d ago

ya i agree. everyone acts like the press confrences are the entirety of e3. drive club was there and had some good demos and previews put out. plus, everyones getting a version of it for free so why waist time advertising it?

AfterThought2221d ago

Your second comment is very contradicting. It is weird seeing so many people agree with such blatantly obvious contradictions. You call out fans for saying Sony has no games this year, then you do the exact same thing by saying Nintendo and Microsoft have nothing.

You very well are inclined to like what you may but this is not true, not in the least. It is purely based on your opinion alone.

Everyone has a different view on how E3 went or who "Won E3". Can we just leave it at that?

DigitalRaptor2221d ago

I don't think Microsoft OR Sony "won" E3. Nintendo outshone both of them, in my opinion. I think you misread my comment or something.

People say Sony has "no PS4 games" coming this year (2014), so I bring out games coming out this year to PS4. FACT.

Then, I go out of my way to show that neither Microsoft nor Nintendo have anything substantial announced for early next year, (which I've looked into and they don't), while Sony has 3 first-party AAA games lined up for early 2015.

I'm driving the point home, by using established, realistic release windows for 2015 as an example to those silly enough to make the claim in the first place.

LamerTamer2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

DriveClub wouldn't need to take up time from ANY of the other games shown. They could (and should) have shortened the boring and WAY too long TV TV TV, and Powers rant to make room for it. That part of the conference was sleep inducing.

Since it is a game that has the rare distinction of being an exclusive AND still (hopefully) coming out THIS year it should have been shown.

Blasphemy2221d ago

this is one of less then a handfull of exclusives they have coming this year, the real question is why didn't they show it?

Eonjay2221d ago

They didn't need to show Drive Club. That would be like asking why Quantum Break wasn't at Microsoft's show.

showtimefolks2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

i don't think we needed to see more drive club, we have seen enough. Also please watch Gametrailers racing game E3 hands on preview

Drive club is gonna shine no doubt about it, I am sure we will see more at gamescom

Mr-Dude2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I will remember all these comments on this page and bookmark them. Because in the future we all know i can show it to you X1 fans again when you there are no games coming to the X1... like every generation.

Second: it's not like you x1 fans have that huge awesome game library to chose from...

So enjoy your silly attempts at trolling...

killzone6192221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Any fool can see PS4 has no games in 2014 worth throwing down money for. TLOU remake? oh yea thanks ND for re-releasing a game i just played a year ago. LBP3 is hardly a system seller either. No reason to run out and get a ps4 until next year.

MS on the other hand, dropped a nuke with the master chief collection. Halo 1/2 online on dedicated server...nuff said :')

BDG2221d ago

Forgive me if i got this wrong but isnt master chief collection just a rehash of old halo games!! Kinda makes your attack on tlou remake redundant. Oh and considering lbp has prob sold many ps3s over the years due to the no of awards it has won i am pretty sure lbp3 on ps4 will do the same

kenshiro1002221d ago

So you praise a Halo collection but bash TLOU?

SoulSercher6202221d ago

Well that was a stupid comment.

Praising the Halo colletcion and bashing TLOU Remastered?

Yeah that's not fanboyish /s

threefootwang2220d ago

You bash Sony, then praise MS, yet your username is for a Sony Exclusive.


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R172221d ago

Instead of showing an array of Multiplatform titles they could have used this time more wisely to show a solid AAA exclusive. In addition its a game that is coming out in 2014! What a miracle! They needed to show more core titles that are 2014'ers in order to convince people on why they need a PS4 in 2014 and not 2015. Seeing Driveclub at E3 would have been a nice reminder to Sony fans and potential buyers to the system.

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gameon19852221d ago

The entire Sony press conference was a ball dropped.

DigitalRaptor2221d ago

That's nice darling.

Do explain.

Prime1572221d ago

Yeah, I still feel all conferences were awesome. Xbox had 90 mins of games. Sony had 90 mins of games with 30 mins of other content (PSTV, ONE tv show, a tiny bit on Psnow-100 ps3 games not playable on rival systems- and a few other tidbits).

Yes, there was a middle 30 mins of Sony's that was boring, but even though it was boring it was full of content.

LamerTamer2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Entire is a bit of an exaggeration, but that TV TV TV and Powers section was way too long and boring. Too much emphasis on indies too. There was also too much CGI/cutscene stuff and too little gameplay (couldn't they have shown SOME actual gameplay of UC4?). There wasn't even any Bloodborne gameplay there, just a long CGI movie. I think gamers want to see gameplay not some CGI movie that could be anything.

Prime1572221d ago


Seriously, where do you come to those conclusions?

"Tv, tv, tv" is a sad response to MS's 2013 wretched "gaming console" reveal. 1 exclusive t.v. show (albeit, a boring speech) and the announcement of PSTV (which is still more gaming focused than MS'2013 e3 conference's entirety) is simply an unmerited, unreasonable response.

Master-H2221d ago

Yep, especially those Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne reveals, massive balls of awesomeness!

gameon19852221d ago

More like Massive balls of shit.

Kayant2221d ago


Kinda like your trolling attempt hehehe....

BeyondTheGrave2221d ago

Your life is one dropped ball. What a waste of life.

Jeebus2220d ago

You know, I initially felt kind of underwhelmed by both conferences, and felt like MS had a stronger show than Sony this year, but after the dust settled and I rewatched them both yesterday (I don't have much going on, okay?) my tune changed a bit.

MS showed some pretty cool games, but a LOT of CG trailers. AC, Sunset, Division, and Halo are the only games off the top of my head that had any gameplay trailers.

Sony had a great first hour showing a lot of announcements and showing a very solid stream of titles, and I'd say the biggest problem was that they had nothing really huge up their sleeves. Overall, the conferences were close, but I'd say Sony edged out a slightly better showing.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt, as I'm just sharing my opinion. Happy gaming!

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Geekman2221d ago

I felt the press conference was boring. Don't get me wrong, they showed some pretty solid exclusives, but they kept going off from that and going into rambling about how amazing the PS4 is and promoting PSTV, and then showing off mutiplatforms you voyd get for better on the PC. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but a big step backwards from last year.

mrpsychoticstalker2221d ago

I felt asleep. Missed the title.

dodgemoose2221d ago

You felt asleep? Well that makes perfect sense.

SpiralTear2221d ago

Maybe it's a Metal Gear joke? :P

Master-H2221d ago

I would too if i was such a boring person.

hello122221d ago

I say people fell asleep at the cinemas Sony booked out. The audience at the Sony e3 conference they were very quiet too.

AndrewLB2221d ago

KNWS- You speak the truth. I was there and while any rabid fanboy would be jumping up and down like a crazed moron... the crowd at E3 is mostly professionals in the industry or the media. Fanboys... yes, even sony fanboys rarely drop that kind of money to get into E3. I think it's like $700-$1000 for 3 days.

Eddie201012221d ago

You are too obvious. Their was plenty of noise being made at the Sony conference for most all of the announcements, even Playstation TV.

Sony had just as good a presentation as Microsoft.

Bloodborne, LBP3, Batman Arkham Knight, GTA5, Mortal Combat, and many many more. Sony will have nearly twice as many games coming out this year as Microsoft. PS4 being the only console version for many of the games and Quite a few that are exclusive to PS4 (first party, free to play and Indi games) plus plenty of exclusive content on third party games, and game betas.

I went to the theatre showing of the Sony E3 Conference and their was lot of cheering for most of the announcements. I enjoyed watching the conference on the big screen.

Xsilver2221d ago

y'all must be the same person because none of your comments made sense :/.

Skate-AK2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Your name should be Mr. Narcoleptic.

GTgamer2221d ago

I guess you also felt asleep in School(•ิ_•ิ).

memots2221d ago

Ohhhh burn .. he "felt" that one

sadfeet2217d ago

I came across this article late but I feel I have something to say. Bye.

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Pancit_Canton2221d ago

Little Big Planet 3 is totally unexpected. Sackboy is becoming an Icon of his own. Megaton

AndrewLB2221d ago

I don't see anyone over the age of 12 being interested in LBP3 though.

And those of you saying that people would have complained if DriveClub was at e3... what a bunch of nonsense. Over decades of gaming, I cannot recall a single time where people complained about a game being INCLUDED. It makes absolutely no sense. But what do you expect from the hoards of Sony apologists.

kenshiro1002221d ago

Speak for yourself. The game isn't just for kids.

P_Bomb2221d ago

Might as well say "I don't see anyone over the age of 12 being interested in videogames". It would be just as condescending to the hobby. A good game is a good game

SilentNegotiator2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Unlike you big, grown up 14 y/o anti-PS trolls that only play big boy games.

MysticStrummer2220d ago

I'm 45 and love LBP. I know 20 and 30 somethings who love it as well.

I wouldn't have exactly complained to see DC on stage at E3, but when it's release date was announced I hoped they wouldn't spend stage time on it and was glad they didn't.

dragon822220d ago

LBP is about as hard core as it gets. Don't let the cute little main character and materials of the levels fool you. These games are legit. You can literally create ANYTHING with the tools they give you. I have seen some user created levels that are better than a TON of actual games.

Redempteur2220d ago

As if the 4 millions levels already made in the LBP-verse were made by 12y old kids..

Anyway . i'm 30y old and i play LBP1, LBP2 , and LBP Vita and i know ( since i'm playing the game ) that i'm far from being alone in this case.

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