Avalanche Studios Will Show 'Something' Real Soon

DSOGaming writes: "Admit it; you were kind of disappointed with the absence of both Mad Max and Just Cause 3 from this year’s E3. Yes, Just Cause 3 has not been officially revealed as of yet but what about Mad Max? Why did Bethesda decide to ‘ignore’ this open-world title? Well, good news everyone as Avalanche Studios will be showing ‘something it’s been working on’ real soon."

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killer4fun531638d ago

Lets hope its just cause 3.

Gamesgbkiller1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I lost my excitement with Mad Max since it was delayed :(

I hope they show "something" real and not CGI.

Ashunderfire861638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I saw gameplay footage at E3 2013 last year, and it look kind of last gen with next gen hi-res graphics. It was obviously early footage, but it look like its going to be fun for an open world game. Yes its also a cross gen game. I really wish I could of film it, but I wasn't even aloud too. The game should look even better when they show new footage now.