These new Gamecube-style Wii U controllers are gorgeous, (almost) exactly what we wanted

RocketNews24: As pretty much every gamer in the world no doubt already knows, Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Wii U and 3DS this year. Along with everyone else, we’re itching to play it, but every time we pictured ourselves taking a mallet to Kirby‘s pudgy pink face, the same thoughts kept coming back to bug us: Do we really have to play the game with Wii remotes or the Wii U gamepad? Are we going to have to buy those “pro” pads that we’re frankly not all that fond of?

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-Foxtrot1589d ago

Can these ones not use the adapter Nintendo are doing?

If not, it's a shame they look really nice.

NihonjinChick1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Not really. It's because they're not really WiiU or GameCube controllers. They're remodeled Classic Pro Controllers from the Wii and they needed to be connected to the Wiimote.

Tiqila1589d ago

it seems they can be plugged into a wii mote rather than into a gamecube controller slot. Therefore the adapter should not work for these

Activemessiah1589d ago

The pro controller is definitely a great controller too... they just need to drop their prices.

Qrphe1589d ago

So these controllers don't have GC plugs?????? What's the adapter they're selling for?

NihonjinChick1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

The adapter they are selling is for actual GameCube controllers. These are remodeled Classic Pro Controllers.

Qrphe1589d ago

Ok thanks. Ill just stick to the actual GC controllers then. I still have an orange GC controller ready for action.

ISNeko1589d ago

One of my favorite controllers is making a come back! And without the stupid c-stick I hated!

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