Growing Pains Review (Invision Game Community)

Growing pains is a fast and furious platformer which gives the genre a shake up with psychedelic graphics, a thumping soundtrack and an ingenious twist that you’ve never seen before. The "Vessel" which you control continually grows and expands leaving you in a permanent race to clear the area and escape before you get too big and find your butt wedged in a tight spot.

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Growing Pains: SteamFirst Review

SteamFirst: Growing Pains is a 2D Platformer available on Steam. You control a little ball that grows over time and you need to complete the level before it’s too late. But does Growing Pains grow on you, or is it just a pain?

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Kirk Cameron is Coming to Growing Pains

Smudged Cat Games has released their trailer for the next planned levels of Growing Pains.

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‘Growing Pains’ Review – Size Does Matter! | IGM

Platformers come in a wide assortment of varieties, though there are usually a couple of key differences that occur between one platforming game and the next. What I’m most specifically referring to, in this case, is the difference between a platforming game where you have both obstacles and enemies to avoid, (where you can often defeat the game’s enemies in some way), and those where you have merely ‘obstacles’ to avoid, the latter of which might be described as ‘puzzle-platformers’.

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