Destiny Won't Be Dumbed Down On Xbox One, No Problems Developing On It

"Ever since Destiny was announced, Bungie have only showcased the PlayStation 4 version of the game. There is no update on how the Xbox One version is shaping up."

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lifeisgamesok1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

There you go folks. And just wait till the 2nd wave of games use swizzled textures

The Xbox One is gonna see another leap in graphics once the data move engines get used in development

And I'm talking things like lighting, particles, texture quality, character models, etc.

You've never heard me say visuals aren't important, only that resolution is of very little importance and most can't see a difference in 900 to 1080p

Snookies121589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Umm, hardware is hardware. It's built into the machine. You can do fine-tuning to see advancements in graphical fidelity, but overall it's not going to see a big graphical leap once it's set into the machine (unless upgraded internally). So... Yeah... X1 will improve a bit, and so will the PS4. There won't be some magical thing to come along and boost performance as much as people seem to think. However, with that said, it's up to developers to really find the nuances of the hardware and bring out their full potential.

Kingthrash3601589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I see the same thing happening to destiny as I've seen on watchdogs. Devs using wordplay and beating around the bush. The truth is, lines like "they will have the same animations" that the watchdogs Dev said and what bungie is saying in this article are the same. They want to sell games. Period. In this case bungie has to sell buttloads because the investment put into making the game is so huge. It will sell great but face it the x1 won't be equal to the ps4 version unless they downgrade the ps4 version. Hardware don't lie. No software patch can help that.

That said destiny will be fun for all.. No matter the console. The alpha was fun for me...sad it maxed out at lvl 8.

Protip: I can tell the difference between 900p and 1080p ..and for those who say it doesn't matter are being self centered.

n4rc1589d ago

Just need to look at launch games last gen and games at the end of the generation..

They needed 8gb of ram for watchdogs yet managed gta5 on 512mb

Software can make incredible differences and is far more important then some of you wish to believe

Kingthrash3601589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Software makes a difference yes.. Better tools always makes a difference....but what one fails to realize is when comparing 360 and ps3 is the fact that the ps3 was more powerful than the 360...just the 360 was easier to Dev for for a while 360 had better performance. In this case the ps4 is more powerful AND easier to Dev for.
Software will come for both and the gap will remain the same if not grow larger than it is now. The topic though is destiny and destiny a first year game. later in these consoles lifetimes will software come into play. Bringing up GTA ment what? The fact that gta4 ran better on 360 and GTA 5 ran better on ps3 means software did it?...or does it mean devs finally got a grip on developing for the more powerful ps3?

Lennoxb631589d ago

Yea hardware is hardware. But we have yet to see the Xbox One actually used correctly. With so many development problems with some components in the machine it has been hindered. Sure the new SDK helped, but things other than the GPU need tending to.

n4rc1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

How will the gap grow larger if the hardware is already set?

Cmon dude... In your posts you say software cant close the gap but yet it will make it grow larger for your side?

You lost all credibility right there

And PS.. If devs learned to use ps3, why can't devs also learn how to utilize the x1 architecture? It has to go both ways.

KeeseToast1589d ago

The gap CAN grow larger, if both consoles are at their limits then we can see how big the graphical difference really is and there will be a big difference that is what kingthrash is trying to explain to you.

Pain1589d ago

This gen of gamers give me a flipping break...

Deal with it..

Don't like it? get bent go away find a new hobby.

Kingthrash3601589d ago

Lol n4c..
What makes you think I have a "side"?.
I never said one console was better than another ..that is opinion.
I said one is more powerful than the other...and that's fact.
Tbh I could care less because its always been that way in gaming.. It just happens that this generation people are making excuses for the weaker console and saying that software or 10% more GPU will put it on par..or stronger than a console that has been performing 40% or more better.

Both will become easier to use...both will have software upgrades. Both will put out fun awesome games.
But if we are talking power and better performance ps4 will always do better Because the hardware cannot be changed. The esram was a bad move by ms. Its time to move on from it and enjoy games.
People say it don't matter but every time a Dev speaks about it.. Its a discussion.

SITH1589d ago

"No software patch can help that."

Then why the hell am I getting all of these darn software patches improving gameplay, frame rate, and graphics on my PC. Darn software patches.

strifeblade1588d ago


no u cant tell the difference between 900 and 1080p. Its all relative to the size of your tv and the distamce at which you sit at. You are such a huge fanboy its not even funny.

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imt5581589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Read the article, not the headline, lifeisgamesok .

Quote from article :

"...We are working really hard so that the best experience and the quality of the game we are trying to deliver is equal across all platforms, as much as we possibly can...!"

Best experience what Xbone's hardware can offer. Best experience what PS4's hardware can offer.

So, how it will turn out on each platform, we will see.

johndoe112111589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

For years the ps3 version of games were pretty much "dummbed down" and no devs ever tried to reassure ps fans. This gen however, everyone is reassuring xbox fans that they will give them the "best experience possible" smh. It's starting to feel like microosft is the gaming mafia, no one wants to get on their bad side or piss them off for fear of repercussion. This is disgusting.

Webbyy1589d ago

That's great for gamers.. this will make a lot of folks very happy and some not so much. Keep up the good work bungie

Mr Pumblechook1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I think I read an article last week where Phil Spencer told Eurogamer that the 10% power increase to the Xbone after dropping Kinect meant that Bungie were able to upgrade the performance to 1080p and it was running EXACTLY the same as on PlayStation 4 with the same frame rate all the same graphical effects.

The Beta for both the Xbone and PS4 will allow a more neutral comparison by the media.

TOTSUKO1589d ago

I remember the time when xbox fans were bragging about the power of the cloud like it was yesterday....

Those were the days :D

hello121589d ago

You got to remember you're on a Sony fan site. They don't believe anything unless the PS4 does it.

When Microsoft brings out crackdown and directx12 and other things. X box fans will have the last laugh.

ger23961589d ago

And if DirectX doesn't make a substantial difference? Then what? Will you accept it and move on?

DigitalRaptor1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Who's the hypocrite who believes every fairy tale Microsoft PR feeds them and doubts every fact that PS4 has going for it?

"When Microsoft brings out crackdown and directx12 and other things. X box fans will have the last laugh."

This is why we're laughing at you. "other things"? Like what?

kenshiro1001589d ago

Then it comes out and nothing changes.

madpuppy1588d ago

"sony fan site" that's funny, I remember only a few years ago when N4g was a "MS fan site".

To me it looks like whoever has the console with the "problem" are the ones that call N4g a site for the console they don't have.

PS3 hard to develop for so 3rd party games don't run as well as the 360, 360 fans brag about a 10 line difference in resolution. N4g is a Ms fan site.

Ms put weaker hardware in the Xbone, then taxed that hardware with non game functions and kinect. PS4 is a pure game machine with more power under the hood and nothing tying it down, Of course
PS fans are going to retaliate after the 360 days,
especially with all the pathetic EXCUSES Xbone fans have now, "resolution doesn't mean anything", you can't tell the difference between X resolution and Y resolution and does it REALLY matter? (if 10 lines of res mattered so drastically with the 360 why do hundreds of lines of res difference NOT matter NOW???)

I think of is as all you Microsoft fans getting you comeuppance for being such smug prats last generation.

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XiSasukeUchiha1589d ago


I'll give you a easy equation Craper hardware than PS4 will be the same no matter what, and you just give a boost but you can't totally fix problem yourself, it's the hardwares fault, maybe just maybe if they better or equal hardware to the PS4 the disparity between the consoles won't exist.

ALLWRONG1589d ago

You PS fans have had a bad couple weeks. It's a wonder you guys still have words to say after having to eat so many.

DigitalRaptor1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

A bad couple of weeks....

Do you mean Sony having more games to show, and more surprises to share at E3 than MS....?

Do you mean having "downgrade" rumours squashed by actual high-fidelity footage....?

Do you mean finding out PlanetSide 2 runs at 1080p/60fps on PS4....?

Do you mean having our dreams come true and Miyazaki and SCEJ confirm working together on a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls coming in early 2015....?

OR..... is it finding out that DX12 and cloud computing is not going to come along to save Xbox at E3, but multiplats instead?

I'd love to hear where this bad couple of weeks began and ended... if only you had more than one bubble to "inform" us.

n4gamingm1589d ago

Yep wave 2 games are gonna use DMA swizzle textures. This is from and and Microsoft conference yesterday.

CertifiedGamer1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Whether or not Destiny gets dumb down or not, the PS4 still has the best version around.
Exclusive maps-check, exclusive weapons-check, exclusive armor- check, and exclusive abilities-check, exclusive guardians-check, exclusive missions-check and all exclusively on PS4.
Next question what system will Destiny be heavily advertised on? PS4.
What system has a destiny bundle? PS4
What system has the alpha and beta first? PS4
What system is confirmed to run at [email protected]? PS4
Who won this console generation? PS4

WilDRangeRrfc1588d ago

You forgot what will be Sonys last ever console before they are bankrupt:PS4 check;)

CertifiedGamer1588d ago

@WilDRangeRrfc How is that relevant to destiny but if you want to troll go read what Microsoft did when Apple went bankrupt, they will likely do the same for Sony if they fall that badly but that doesn't change the fact that PS4 is the system to play Destiny on.

BallsEye1588d ago

Why would it even be dumbed down? Is xo old Gen console? Fan boy guys live in another world.

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DarkLord10031589d ago

"Dumbed Down" sounds more like changing the whole concept of the game so that xbox user can understand what the game is about. Really bad choice of wording imo...

MysticStrummer1589d ago

Yeah I never saw anyone say XB1's version might be dumbed down, just that it might be a lower resolution and/or frame rate.

It doesn't surprise me that Bungie of all devs would go for parity, but some people won't like it if it turns out that the PS4 version was held back at all.

marijanFTW1589d ago ShowReplies(1)
angelsx1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

30fps for next gen shooter is a shame.

Gamer6661588d ago

infamous was 30fps. 30 fps is not a problem.

skydragoonity1589d ago

No doubt the definitive edition will be on ps4 tho

akurtz1589d ago

yes it will. with exclusive content. im getting the white bundle ps4 :)

marlinfan101589d ago

Timed exclusive content**