Oculus Rift vs Project Morpheus: The VR headsets duke it out at E3

Rocketnews: In honor of the world’s biggest gaming convention, Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus were put under one roof for a head-to-head virtual reality battle this week. Both offer players the chance to experience a level of immersion unlike anything that has gone before it in the world of video gaming. Both are astounding feats of technology.

Having tried both out at E3, however, we’ve decided there was clear winner.

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MasterCornholio1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

"The verdict

Never having experienced virtual reality before, I was really excited after getting a hands-on with Oculus Rift during the first day of E3 and I really enjoyed the experience. Project Morpheus, however, simply blew me away, immediately cheapening my encounter with the Rift. Both VR units are still far from finished, and even when the technology is ready to roll their success or failure will all depend on the experiences game developers create for them, but based solely on my E3 experience, at this point Sony’s Project Morpheus is the clear winner. Whether that will change in the coming months and years is anyone’s guess, but after our encounter at E3 one thing’s for sure: we’re incredibly excited about the future of virtual reality!"

Looks like dudebro didn't read the article.


Its ok I know you said that because your a dudebro.

Si-Fly1588d ago

What?? You're the only person I know having tried both that preferred the Morpheus!! Positional tracking and latency is far superior in the Rift DK2 at the moment, did you not notice that?

gamerfan09091588d ago

Really? I've never heard someone say Morpheus is better than Rift. I've heard the exact opposite from people having experienced both. Maybe Sony does have the better tech after all.

MasterCornholio1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )


I never used Morpheus. Dudebro said that Morpheus won in the article when the author stated the opposite. Dont get mad at me for quoting the article. Looks like you two didn't read it either.

Rik_Mayall1588d ago

MasterCornholio, you are just as bad as Mr Dudebro.

You are trying to claim an opinion as fact.

Eonjay1588d ago

This is something they have been working on for ages. Nearly as long as the Rift has been worked on. So it kind of makes sense.

NewMonday1588d ago

Let go of the hate people, unanimous opinions agree Morpheus is great tech and an effective VR simulator, and yes better than OC in aspects.

MasterCornholio1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )


I'm not stating that an opinion is fact. I'm just stating that the article didn't say that Oculus was better. I never used Morpheus or Oculus so I dont know from personal experience which one is better. I did read several first hand impressions and it seems that both are good devices.

Did anyone even read the article?

I'm getting crucified here for correcting dudebro and it appears that this authors opinion has offended many posters here.

Bottom line, author likes Morpheus better.


P.S Also from the escapist preview they seem to like morpheus better as well. However in the end its all subjetive but both of them are good devices. They are nothing like that horrible Nintendo VR headset.

sAVAge_bEaST1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

After reading the article.. It seems Morpheus blew OculusRift out of the water.



-won in Comfort.

-won in Immersion.

-won in Booth Show Case.

wastedcells1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I played both at E3 and on the same game (EVE) for a perfect comparison.

I'd say Morpheus has design issues to work out, the head set needed to be messed around with before it was clear and even then I would have liked to adjust it more but they put it on you and do the adjustments. The Rift just worked perfect right away and it's funny because it's just so simple in design, like goggles for snow boarding. Morpheus was a little complicated with all the adjustment options and just seemed like an earlier product then Rift. I'd say Rift is better at the moment but not technically just more user friendly and comfortable. But when they are both done I think Sony will have a slight upper hand. When I spoke to the Eve rep who just happened to be talking to his buddy who was in line behind me at Morpheus he said they are no different and the games will be the exact same for each. But this is where Sony will shine, they have move controllers and amazing first party games and studios that will use Morpheus in amazing ways where as Oculus doesn't make games at all and has to rely on third party games.

UltimateMaster1588d ago

By my experience with the Wiimote+ and the PS Move.
PS Move is much more accurate, not just because of the added motion control of 9 instead of 6, but the camera really brings more dept in the game and it's environment that the Wiimote+ couldn't do on it's own.

starchild1587d ago


Actually Oculus is making games for the Rift. Have you seen Lucky's Tale? It's a first party game and it is exclusive to the Rift.

In any case, the vast majority of games are multiplatform anyway. The consumer Rift will have better specs and it won't be held back by fixed hardware. I guarantee that the highest end VR experiences will be had on a powerful PC and the Rift.

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Si-Fly1588d ago

Only weeks until my DK2 arrives ... Soooo excited :D

I will buy Project Morpheus too though :)

Ripsta7th1588d ago

Project Morpheus looks like something from the future , while Oculus rift looks outdated.I'm just taljing about looks though I haven't tried either one

WeAreLegion1588d ago

Both are great, but I was surprised that everyone who played both at E3 came out liking Morpheus more. I think the Move controllers might have something to do with that.

pwnsause_returns1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

i think it probably has to do with the fact that you have a company that not only is making their own VR solution, but they have their own developers making games for it and exploiting its uses.

still really early to pick a winner and at the end of the day its dumb to compare both VR headsets being that they are not in competition to each other, at least not yet. If Sony where to come out and be like, Yea we're bring this to PC as well, then yea they would be in competition to each other.

Codey471588d ago

With 2 Billion in the bank and all they could afford was particle board. This in my book, should be considered a heinous crime.

Well done Sony! On achieving the "BugEyeless" headset. Looking forward to using morpheus armed with two motion controllers. Hopefully, they don't suggest a ridiculous RRP.

Zadom1588d ago

The article does a good job of explaining his impressions. They are both in development so they both will probably improve and change. I think both will be great.

rodiabloalmeida1588d ago

Rift is in developement. Morpheus is done.

Rift has more to offer even in DevKit 2. Consumer Version will be much better.

NewMonday1588d ago

The actual Morpheus developers Dr.Marks and Mekhailov say the design is not final, pending feedback from the current public release.

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