10 Favorite Gaming Franchises That Just Disappeared

iHowtoDO: Sentimentality might be a capable thing. For reasons unknown or an alternate an extraordinary a hefty portion of us are totally persuaded that things were simply better previously, and when discussing feature amusements, there are some great focuses to be made – particularly when a lot of people are the diversion arrangement’s with stand out or two sections that are adored by armies of fans essentially up and vanished like a phantom one day. Now and then this is on account of designers go gut up, or they choose to take the organization in an alternate bearing, or the rights move to a distributer that doesn’t have any thought what to do with the establishment, or – far and away more terrible – they simply choose that no one needs any a greater amount of that diversion.

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Geobros3027d ago

Great list!! Banjo, Chrono Trigger, Crash, Advance Wars....I am missing those games.

LightDiego3027d ago

I love Okami, one of the best games ever, for me it's perfect (great narrative, beautiful graphics, great gameplay, great characters and soundtrack).
Banjo is awesome, also Crash, i'm a huge fan of platforms.

Octo13026d ago

I was lucky enough to find a PS2 copy of it without the ugly maroon 'greatest hits' on the case. I also own the HD remake of it in PS3 and a second PS2 copy with the ugly maroon 'greatest hits' label on the case. Okami is a game that everyone should play.

VlllAxelLea3027d ago

wow I wouldn't of thought time splitters would be on this list. I freaking love that series, it socks that they never did that HD collection

Chard3027d ago

They kind of are though, look up TimeSplitters Rewind, coming to PC and PS4 using the CryEngine.

lahariko3027d ago

Okami not even have a sequel

Chard3026d ago

It kind of does though, look up Okamiden, on DS

Hellsvacancy3027d ago

LOVED Okami, doubt we'll ever see a sequel as much as i'd want one

One favorite franchise (of mine) I hope makes a return is Tenchu

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