Crackdown for Xbox One Gets Competitive

The next Crackdown will be introducing a new way to play.

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christocolus2219d ago

David jones is back. Yeah. He did an amazing job with the I hhave missed those armor and vehicle upgrades. Watching the vehicles morph with every upgrade was really cool.

GodGinrai2218d ago

I used to live trying to drive the SUV up walls!...And throwing my lowered leveled friends into stuff, superhero style.

christocolus2218d ago

Lol. That was always fun to do. Lmao.

GarrusVakarian2218d ago

Lol, i remember trying to drive up the tallest building in the game with the fully upgraded monster truck. I never managed to pull it off.

GodGinrai2218d ago


Haha! me neither, but it was still fun trying! Looking forward to the co op too. two people I met on that game, ended up becoming members of my clan..been friends ever since crack down. The memories these games leave you with are worth far more than the price of the game.

beereal3602218d ago

Crackdown is a must have day ONE game

urwifeminder2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Totally agree when you got in the vehicles and they matched your level it was a nice addition , the first game I ever played that gave you a real sense of verticality got a little sick in guts falling off the large buildings.

christocolus2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Lol. You are right.There was a sense of realism which was most evident when trying to make some really big jumps. Sometimes I would actually become really nervous .lmao. The characters also had some weight to them. You could almost feel it while sprinting, taking off and even landing after a big jump. Damn. Crackdown was a great game. I hope jones is able to push it a lot further this time.

hello122218d ago

Those destructible environments were, according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, based on the destructible environments tech demo of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud technology from their BUILD conference a few months ago; as such, they were very obviously ‘powered by the cloud.’ As a matter of fact, the tech demo for Azure was itself just very early work for Crackdown.

Microsoft is ready.

DougLord2218d ago

Haven't you heard the Cloud doesn't exist? It's not real. MSFT made it all up. That "demo" was fake. They were running the cloud demo on a PS4 and the slow one was running on a super cooled over clocked Xbone. Azure is just 3 486s in Balmer's basement.

This is NG4. You are not allowed to be positive or optimistic on anything MSFT related.

OpieWinston2218d ago

I'm sick of all these kids telling me "Battlefield has the best destruction!"

When they've stripped Battlefields destruction portion of the engine to allow for better graphical/textural fidelity.

I have a feeling that since Crackdown isn't trying to push some jaw dropping graphical fidelity it'll allow for them to have a fully destructible city.

I want gameplay for this and Scalebound SOON!

Ausbo2218d ago

yeah hopefully crackdown comes in 2015 and not 2016. Maybe gameplay at gamescom? doubtful, but hopeful.

Neoninja2218d ago

Well Phil did say the games they were showing were for either 2014 or 2015. So I'm thinking we're looking at mid 2015 for Crackdown since Halo 5 will most likely come out in Nov of 2015. Either way I'm excited and have my money ready to throw at MS for the game!

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