The Worst Videogame Father Figures

DC - "Today it’s Father’s Day in the United Kingdom. That means it’s a day about celebrating fathers, and of course, our virtual fathers too. Videogames provide many great lessons in the field of parenting, although admittedly this is usually in the form of what you shouldn’t be doing. Read on to see who I’ve singled out as some of the worst father figures in videogame history."

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Bowzabub2210d ago

How about 3 in one game series? Cronos, Zeus & Kratos.

fattyuk2209d ago

Best is Liam neeson hands down

Dearslay2209d ago

Heihachi Mishima threw his son into a volcano.

mydyingparadiselost2209d ago

Earthbound Dad is the best. He saves, puts money in your account for all your good deeds, always gives you good advice and is never more than a phone call away.

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